Social media, fear of the future 

@ice Yeah. One can think of this like fighting a dragon that has swallowed you. You must attack the dragon from the inside. ;)

Social media, fear of the future 

@ice I find it a bit funny (in a sad way) that thesocialdilemma website uses tracking cookies and scripts... :P

@ice wow, it sure is a small world. I am not 100% sure but if I counted the audio files I got correctly we were at least 14.

It's time for 2020? ;)

So, I was going through some old archived stuff and happened up on my project folder of the abandoned (sorry) Diaspora Noise project from 2011. And I noticed a name i found familiar. Is this you @ice ? :D

@dualhammers i have had this happen to me with snap or flatpak apps if i remember correctly. Is this isolated to susch apps or is this global?

@neauoire on the bright side, at least these things are in a second hand store ready to be reused, rather than in a landfill.

@neauoire oh no... Sounds like someone is considering writing their own operating system...

Was tempted to test out Plan9. Ran into problems installing it in a virtual machine. :/

Anyone here used the TextAdept text editor? Stumbled upon it the other day and I must say it is really fascinating.

linking my game's trailer here cause my partner and I put tonnsss of work into the game. the game's got weird surreal shit and furries and puzzles

boosts super appreciated :3

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The 5 July meditation by Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson (@johannesgunnar) is now playable.

@gueorgui I have done some extensive testing various browsers and my conclusion has been that it's not the browsers that are the problem. But the web itself. :( With that said though, I recently tested out netsurf and it seems to have a lot lighter memory footprint. I haven't tested it properly though. Don't know how usable it is.

@aadil I got fed up with macOS back in 2013 after being a loyal mac user since mac os 7. Switched to Elementary (and then Ubuntu) but dual booted my desktop as a hackintosh. Deleted that partition couple of months later and have never looked back.

It just seems like everything from Apple is becoming more and more locked down by every year, and more and more user unfriendly. :(

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@irimi1 @somnius same here. i don't remember if i requested a sticker or not :P

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