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The 5 July meditation by Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson (@johannesgunnar) is now playable.

@gueorgui I have done some extensive testing various browsers and my conclusion has been that it's not the browsers that are the problem. But the web itself. :( With that said though, I recently tested out netsurf and it seems to have a lot lighter memory footprint. I haven't tested it properly though. Don't know how usable it is.

@aadil I got fed up with macOS back in 2013 after being a loyal mac user since mac os 7. Switched to Elementary (and then Ubuntu) but dual booted my desktop as a hackintosh. Deleted that partition couple of months later and have never looked back.

It just seems like everything from Apple is becoming more and more locked down by every year, and more and more user unfriendly. :(

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@irimi1 @somnius same here. i don't remember if i requested a sticker or not :P

What is a good benchmarking software on Linux for CPU/GPU/Thermals and what not?

@mntmn uh this must be off. I ran this on my desktop and got events per second: 171170.77 on an i5-4570 @ 3.20Ghz

@focus404 English is extremely volatile, ever changing, hundreds of "forks", and not very well backwards compatible.

Icelandic on the other hand is very much set in stone and strict. So much that icelandic kids can easily (relatively speaking) read text 500-1000 years old.

Icelandic is also extremely well documented and has been done so for hundreds of years thanks to our obsession with writing.

Icelandic is like .txt. A lot "easier" in the long term to translate to any language. hopefully...

@focus404 Mostly in Icelandic, but with english if needed. I was actually thinking about this earlier today regarding "portability" and durability of notes. First thought was that english would be optimal because of how internationally spread it is. But when I framed it in the same context as deciding on for example .txt file format vs some other complex or even propr. format it became clear to me that Icelandic was more optimal.


@groud haha yeah, it is quite clever.

If you ever decide to build a sandbox and want the design, I could scan it for you ;)

@groud Agreed! I can't take the credit though as this came in a package I ordered. Design ready, and wood in correct sizes. I just had to screw everything together.

@thomasorus Thank you :3

My "backyard" is essentially approx 1-3 km in each direction. And to the south there's essentially 150-200 km until next human structure.


1. Bluetooth quick connect by bjarosze
2. Sound Input & Output Device Chooser by kgshank
3. Night Theme Switcher by rmnvgr

@cyberia oh I had forgotten the Planck EZ was so "cheap" (relatively speaking). I got the Ergodox EZ and I love it, and also love the support from ZSA Technology Labs (who make the EZ keyboards).

I ran into some problems with my ergodox at one point (regarding support for icelandic characters) and the support person got me into a direct contact with a developer and we spent some time debugging and communicating to fix the issues. Great support.

@cyberia I was going to comment with a suggestion until I noticed the last requirement :(

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