Public Service announcement. I am in the process of moving my account to @esi at See you all there.

I think I just stumbled upon the best username I've ever seen online...


@neauoire oh I wish. The 10 km road up here doesn't even exist on Google Maps.

Cyberpunk dystopia is already here

(this is probably why there are so many neonlights in the cyberpunk world and why they are always on...)

Is there any easy way to change the username on Mastodon (but stay on the same instance)? Or do I need to create a new account? :/

Looks like Merveilles have fallen into the origami rabbit hole. I fell down it years ago. I am not going down there again.

When you start making 5mm tall origami cranes you know you've gone too far...

@neauoire It blew my mind... and kept on blowing my mind again and again. The most impressive Conway's Game of Life i've seen yet I think.

@celia I usually lose control and the mind map of my tabs once they go over 8 or so. :/

@amatecha You only guessed $250? Dude, their pencil costs $130... $800 CAD does not surprise me at all. haha

@maxdeviant With that said, I do have a sort of a "dead man's key". A letter that my wife knows about in case of my early departure. It does not hold the key to all of my digital stuff. But rather a good but small selection.

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