@KnowPresent Yeah, when you think about it, it is essentially a simple static site generator with a GUI. Here's an example of a website made in Zim I found the other day. jrm4.com/

@KnowPresent It even has CLI method of exporting this all.

zim --export Notes -o ~/test -r --template template.html --overwrite

love it!

@KnowPresent I am quite happy with this test outcome with Zim and a custom template. Now to write a proper wiki.

@KnowPresent oh that is actually a very good idea. i already use zim for my own personal use, and it looks like it can export to html so I can make a public version for online also.

It's small, but it's my first commit that got approved and merged into Godot Engine. Here's hoping for many more to follow. 🍷 github.com/godotengine/godot/c

Tempted to set up my own online wiki for personal knowledge sharing. What software does merveilles and the fediverse recommend?

@aadil who doesn't :P

I try to stick with rpm, then flathub second, appimages third and snaps in fourth place.

@karroffel ah I remember having that exact same problem some years ago with a laptop/tablet. I ended up writing scripts to rotate the screen and assigning them to some key shortcuts. Having it in the gnome shell also sounds quite useful.

This is possibly the coolest Gnome Shell extension out there. Not sure what I could do with it though. Any ideas? github.com/p-e-w/argos

@Zylann looks like it. not sure where to report something like this...

What's up with the close buttons on snap apps under Ubuntu 19.10. Anyone else seeing this?

@aadil Do you have any tips for a Ubuntu user of many years moving to Fedora?

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