@ice oh! interesting! Didn't know you could run MOD on top of Zynthian. That's really cool.

@zachir @lunduke Would probably not work very well for me given the fact I live extremely remote ;)

@rostiger I was a Mac user (fanatic) since the 90's and switched to Linux in 2013. I also started with Elementary OS because of how mac like it was. Made the switch a bit easier.

My recommendation would be to start switching to cross platform apps on your mac first before switching fully to Linux. It will make the conversion a lot smoother. For example use Thunderbird for mail, firefox for browsing, etc...


a sub dedicated to discussion of the user experience graphical desktop and command line shells.

"This is not a /r/unixporn sub. This is not about showing off customization, but rather sharing concepts or ideas of possible improvements or alternatives to the current desktop UI norms"

@bjarni I am certain the only reason you are doing this all is to be able to put "IFAP" on your CV.

@tomupom Are you using Standard Notes + Left+Syncthing. Or just Left and Syncthing?

I am currently just using a texteditor + syncthing but I feel like I haven't found the right workflow to make it work. It usually ends up in chaos.

@peregrine Orgmode sounds awesome except it has always bugged me that it would force me to use a specific text editor (emacs) to reap the true benefits of it. I guess the same goes for Vim.

Dear merveillians [sic?] and Mastodonians, any recommendations for good note taking software/workflows out there? Preferably open source and for Linux.

@Merristasis @neauoire You guys have any extended experience with the Pomodoro technique? I always feel like my brain starts getting used to this "trick" after a while and it stops being effective.

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