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That was scary. The power went out here on the farm because my daughter peed on an extension cord.

So the official icelandic Covid19 tracking app is open source. (and all tracking data is stored locally, and only locally). This blows my mind.

I hate #javascript spying #analytics tools. So instead I made this button on my page. It's completely optional and uses .cgi Perl script at the backend.

Want to count your visit? Just press the button :)

#Web #NoJS #BackToTheRoots

Was surprised by the amount of ads and crap suddenly online (even though I am running an adblock). Then i realized that my pihole is down.

This is probably the worst disassembly I have ever done. I am currently cursing Mr. Ive. But, if succesful I will have a killer macos9 machine.

@karroffel I was told you have some experience with GTK. I was wondering if you knew if it was relatively trivial to port an ancient GTK1.2 app to GTK2 or GTK3. Or are the differences between those versions enough to render this a bit of a serious undertaking.

On that note, would you Merveilles people be interested in a Hotline server where we can chat, and upload old Mac files, along with our creations. Straight from our macs/mac virtual machines.

I am tempted to set one up. Would be nice for example to gather all the entries there.

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Look what I just found. Loads of mac related cd's from my childhood.

@neauoire Would it be possible for me to invite my wife to join Merveilles?

Given the fact that Merveilles is on a sourdough trend these days. Here's the first result from me and my wife's sourdough experiments. It tastes amazing!

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