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We live in a weird timeline where the top search result for Ubuntu 20.04 is

This is both awesome and horrifying at the same time. Facebook Chat on 68k/PPC.

I am also working on a little tutorial to get Hotline up and running on a PPC QEMU virtual machine.

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Update on my Hotline Merveilles server project. I am currently spending my evenings trying out various setups and versions of Hotline servers and clients to get a good idea of how to get a stable setup. The plan is to run a windows version of the server on a Raspberry Pi (with wine). Although the backup plan is to run the mac version on os9 G4 iMac. We'll see how it goes

I find it a bit sad that it is extremely difficult to get linux software from 2001 to run or even compile on modern systems, but extremely easy to get windows software from the 80's to run on Linux via wine. :/

It is a bit funny though that all my servers (and a Hotline server) were taken down by couple of drops of pee.

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That was scary. The power went out here on the farm because my daughter peed on an extension cord.

So the official icelandic Covid19 tracking app is open source. (and all tracking data is stored locally, and only locally). This blows my mind.

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