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I love its philosophy. The absence of systemd is also enticing *-*

He laughed when he heard I styled sites by hand. But hey buying a "premium" Bootstrap theme is way more hilarious.

University IT guy: There's no need to reinvent the wheel and write your own code. Just use existing frameworks!

*proceeds to develop a website that has PageSpeed scores of 10 (mobile) and 49 (desktop)*

So far I've:

- Added alt text to images
- Ensured decent colour contrast
- Tested keyboard-only navigation

Later I'll:

- Remove all `title` attributes
- Add aria-labels to content sections
- Make outlines more visible
- Test the site on screen readers

My next focus for the wiki is accessibility, so today I'm diving into all this aria stuff

Being able to drag windows with the cursor feels so strange

Switched to dwm after being an i3 user for the past 3 years

Kaizen: incremental but continuous improvement; 1% better everyday

@neauoire Other potential ideas:

- Selection tool + selective dragging
- Diagonal cross-hatch mode
- More customisable tones (+/- or something to make the dots less/more dense/bigger, etc.)

What do you think? :)

@neauoire It's still a work-in-progress but you can try it out here. I set it to mode 7:

I've been neglecting my Japanese studies. I also couldn't find an app with a clean interface, so naturally:

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