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> mood l 5 "Rediscovered the joy of making things :)"

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I wrote little scripts that generate summary text files of my QS data (mood, food, drinks, etc.) that my wiki can query.


Hopping back onto wiki things: it’s been a while and I’m late to the party but I made a Now page :)

Went mountain biking with an injured foot.

12 hours later: Now limping to work carrying a muddy flat tire lol

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I took a broken headset saved from an e-waste bin and shoved it in a pair of construction earmuffs. Works just fine.

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The university is under lockdown which means I can work remotely, which means I'm back in action for the next month or so >:)

- Had to learn PowerShell today
- Had to unlearn PowerShell today

Lol this guy again: creates another wrapper, demands $99 for its commercial use 🤣

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