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for years I've not bothered to touch React because I just hate it that much. now that I've actually tried it, I hate it even more lol

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I had to learn Next.js and React for some frontend-related tasks at work, so I built this as a learning exercise:

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Using git at work:
`git commit -v` with a mini essay

Using git at home:
`git commit -a -m "yes hahaha yes"`

wow type design is a lot harder than I thought. I don't know how @rutherford does it. I can't even make a proper 'H'

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@joshavanier sounds like a fun project :) Everyone adds a leaf from a local tree into the book.

I'll have to figure out the logistics of this first and will cover all the mailing costs. it might also have to be 2 or 3 notebooks mailed separately (as backups lol). has anyone tried something like this?

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since it'll be a while before I get to meet any of you in person, I kinda wanna do this thing where I'll send a notebook all around the world to someone, have them write/draw/etc on a few pages, and then pass it on to the next person until it finds its way back to me

anyone know any alternatives to paypal to make payments internationally? (no credit card ;-;)

if I had the luxury of choice, I would not have decided to start off my career in fintech

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I hate the software development cycle. skip the meetings and just wing it!

not sure if it's due to monotony but in the past few months I've felt my memory declining, often to the point where I can't remember what I worked on last week

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I got stumped at work today by some Elixir code that I had apparently written and merged 7 months ago lol

"you can literally like just go and explore a virtual mall and buy things from their stores"

"why would I want a virtual pair of shoes?"

"oh no, when you buy them, you can get an actual physical pair delivered to you to. like you can touch and wear it!"

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I went to an exhibit and gathering of crypto and NFT enthusiasts. they're much more ridiculous in person

seems like they have spent way too much of their lives on video games and now walk around believing that the real world is just like one

2022 started on a high note for me as I was excited to get back to making stuff again. however, the state of things today have snuffed out the already-dampened embers of interest I had in tech and art for the foreseeable future, if not indefinitely

back to work and I've already forgotten what I was working on in mid-December 🙃

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