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my folder of screenshots are full of almost-forgotten memories of past experiments and endeavours

in vim, how would one extract the content of the closest non-indented line above the cursor?

so in the case of this image, I'm editing line 9 and I want to extract the contents of line 4 to add as a command arg later on

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now I need to find a way to have it detect only modified terms in the flat-file and rebuild only those pages when I save the file

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added the option to render wiki pages per database file or term so it doesn't have to rebuild every page again and again

build times went down from 120ms to 15ms :D

added a new stat to my time-tracker: a value measuring time between sessions (idle or downtime)

the longest I've gone idle is 2.88 weeks πŸ™ƒ :sadlinux:

drawing in only black-and-white is somehow waaayyy easier than working with colours

anyone know any non-Java mind-mapping software?

the web is no longer interesting. art is shit now. I think I’ll just spend my days cycling and staring at plants.

I got my little brother an X200 for his online classes. as sad as it is to have to install things like Zoom on it, I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it performs with today's software

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