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Make it work. Make it pretty. Make it fast. Make it work pretty fast.

Now it's much cleaner. Arachne's little hearts are beating.


Past and present versions of the same module. It's quite interesting to see how the way I wrote code changed over time.

Cleaner URLs using Now routes:

{"src": "/wiki/(?<page>[^/]+)", "dest": "/wiki/$page.html"}

I need help. 

Now I wish I'd kept track of keystrokes to forecast the next likely failures although I'm sure the next one to stop working is either left Shift or Backspace 🙃

My laptop's left Ctrl key stopped working and now my workflow is severely disrupted lol

I think I just found my new wiki aesthetic: a couple of steps away from the current barebones design. Thoughts?

Imagine if browsers set scroll speed based on page weight lol

This will grow as I want to redesign my wiki yet again lol to integrate Intra. The Wheel of Iteration keeps on spinning.

All the CSS my wiki uses:

No page exceeds 25 declarations and when pages are rendered, only relevant CSS is included.

Light af.

I want my gravestone to have a dead drop where people can come and get copies of the data I'll leave behind.

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