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My default search engine in Firefox is now Wikipedia lol

Well shit I guess I won't use any search engine anymore. I'll just rely on Merveilles to show me cool things on the Internet lol.

DuckDuckGo, thou art a quack.

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I want more .txt websites. Human-readable text-only websites. The only allowed interaction, is scrolling.

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Wrote a little webpage completely on Termux but I can’t push it to Now :(

If this worked, I would use this instead of the Windows workstation at work

I wish CSS had a `margin-x` property to set `margin-left` and `-right` and `margin-y` for `-top` and `-bottom`. Same thing for paddings and borders.

Set aria-hidden="true" to hide decorative (text) elements from reader mode and screen readers

I had to use VSCode at work today. Even if I pretend that it has nothing to do with Microsoft…

…it still sucks.

I've seen that it's possible to have two cameras controlled by a Raspberry Pi. But what about four cameras? Anyone ever tried that?

690 bytes? Nah. 609 bytes. Here’s a little post about Ara’s CSS:

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