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The university is under lockdown which means I can work remotely, which means I'm back in action for the next month or so >:)

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- Had to learn PowerShell today
- Had to unlearn PowerShell today

Lol this guy again: creates another wrapper, demands $99 for its commercial use 🤣

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The Web does not need search engines. Burn them all.

My laptop's screws are so tiny! None of my screwdrivers can get them loose 🙃

LEDs are also an issue. I'm surprised not a single shop in Chinatown had LEDs sold as individual components. They only come in the form of light strips and matrices, which are way pricier than what a handful of LEDs would cost

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I went to the city to look for parts I needed for the paperclip computer. I didn’t find everything but I did get a new pair of sunglasses lol

As an experiment for the next couple of months, I'm blocking every "popular" JS framework. Let's see how many sites break.

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My default search engine in Firefox is now Wikipedia lol

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