If you have some favourite words in any language, I'd love to hear about them :)

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🇵🇱 szuwary - reed beds in floodplains
🇵🇱 tryzna - kind of a happy wake or funeral festivity
🇮🇹 sprezzatura - calculated nonchalance, studied carelessness
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿/🇳🇱 clove/kloof - passage between the mountains

@joshavanier siri--miri, basque word for a very misty kind of rain which doesn't really make anything wet, typical for the basque country

@joshavanier also 'agur' which is pronounced like how a howling wolf sounds, which means goodbye in basque, I love to make it a long aaaouuuur

@joshavanier 水母の骨 [くらげのほね (kuragenohone)] An expression in Japanese meaning something that one would not expect to exist, something exceedingly rare, like jellyfish (kurage) bones (hone)

@joshavanier more than one word though. But I also like the kanji for jellyfish 水母 which translate to "water mother"

@rek Makes me wonder who first discovered the existence of and named jellyfishies in Japanese


Blimey - A lot more polite than an F-bomb and there are just as many ways to intone it.

Spanner - It's just really fun to say.

@joshavanier much of them are really really near to their ancient latin or greek origins (and they also are mostly the same in italian)
= )

@npisanti Yeah; it's a shame most of these words are rarely used in day-to-day life. And for some reason, society deems it "pretentious" to use these words lol

@joshavanier In most of the place i've been the spoken english is pretty basic, as it is always a second language, even my english isn't that good and probably i would be misunderstood by using those words, so i say of myself "autodidatta" in italian but "self-taught" in english

@npisanti It's not just English though. Lots of words in many languages fade away from lack of regular use

@joshavanier in italian even some verbal tenses, most of people don't use the full spectrum of them ( i hate that )

@joshavanier Eigengrau: the off-black colour you see when you close your eyes in the dark.

@rutherford @joshavanier I use the version of that colour that I see (near as hex can) as the background of my website now.

@drisc @rutherford I always shift between #030303 and #161616. Sometimes #202020

@rutherford @joshavanier holy shit that's an awesome word. Maybe that'll be my music name instead?

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