A potential alternative to GitHub. I'll try using this for a month or two and if it all goes well, I'm deleting my GitHub account

@joshavanier oh wow, it looks good! I'll have a look at it for sure, although I really like the collaborative and people-connecting part of GitHub :D

@kodedninja I like GitHub too but Microsoft is slowly casting its shadow over it lol

What has changed so far?

(I use it for work so might miss changes for regular users, but the only change I've noticed so far is for the better - you can have a private repo for free now for drafting or whatever.)

@radian Nothing bad yet (actions and private repos are great) but this is Microsoft we're talking about. I am expecting a shitty redesign, a barrage of ads, and a new way to mess things up lol

@kodedninja @joshavanier yeah andré seems to like radicle. but i think the projects slowed down more due to a lack of available time than anything to do with radicle :)

@kodedninja @joshavanier which seems so often to be the case in most of our cool boundaring-pushing projects hmpf..

@joshavanier i'm interested to follow along with what you think! i read about radicle a while back, seems like they're starting to push out clients now :3

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