Past and present versions of the same module. It's quite interesting to see how the way I wrote code changed over time.

@joshavanier can definitely see an improvement in readability and beauty.
love your i3 config btw 🖤

it's so similar to my i3 config lol
convergent design maybe? the main difference is that instead of putting a frame around the focused window I make the unfocused ones semi-transparent (using compton). works really well on a solid black wallpaper.
and I really should clean up my status line ^^

@eel I haven't tried compton yet but I'll check it out. I used to love ricing (thanks, r/unixporn) and went through phases of i3blocks and pywal configs lol. But I always end up simplifying things down.

@eel Like right now I only have 3 workspaces configured on i3 to prevent myself from having too many things open.

1: web browsing
2: dev stuff, GIMP
3: log, music player

@joshavanier I also only use 3 workspaces

1. two terminal windows
2. web browser
3. one graphical application (i.e. gimp, renoise, blender)

but I keep more workspaces available for transient tasks like visual file management

@eel I keep procrastinating on converting Log into a CLI tool lol. Sometimes I just like to gaze at the charts.

@joshavanier less code is better code ! It's a module for express ?

@ragekit I haven't tried using Express yet. This is just a part of my static site generator.

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