The Orrery

The data is still being refined and things aren't to scale yet but the orbital speeds are as accurate as Wikipedia's sources lol

@kodedninja Thanks! It was a fun afternoon of moon research. TIL one of Jupiter's moons is called Kale.

@ckipp Wait a minute, my orbits were going the wrong way this whole time?!

@ckipp Oh wait no, never mind. There's no right side up in space lol

@ckipp I want to see how much detail I can put into it without going over 10 kB.

Like right now, the things in the asteroid and Kuiper belts are just randomly generated dots with random speeds. I'm currently looking through databases of known asteroids and dwarf planets

@joshavanier That's really cool. I'm waiting to see what you come up with! Here was a couple of the other ones I have saved (some are massive).

@ckipp Yeah my main issue with these WebGL things is that they lag so much (on my machine at least). Although I like that they include the orbits' eccentricities in their simulations :)

I like the 3rd link. The real-time stat charts are inspiring.

@joshavanier same. That was the first one I came across randomly and what inspired me to look more into it.

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