Words can't express how much I dislike sites built with React. How can anyone (the devs especially) not notice the overall sluggish UX?

@joshavanier but also there's Maslow's hammer, "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail". Don't use React if it's overkill for a website. My 2 cents.


@dfr Don't use React at all lol. I mean it's just for making user interfaces, right? Time spent learning React could be better spent just building the interface yourself.

@joshavanier it's a bit more complicated than that, mostly depends on the app. React offers things like selective rendering, which is not hiding but effectively *not* loading stuff, or dynamic hierarchical reloading (instead of injecting the DOM or reloading the entire view). That being said, I don't use it for my projects, it's...well, work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@joshavanier @dfr Im curious. What would you rather use for UI?

I'm asking because im in the middle of a "refactor the entirety of production in react" sprint at work.

@sebastian @dfr When it comes to web pages? Plain CSS. JS if I need interactivity.

@joshavanier @dfr Yeah. The state handling is what I find really useful and speedy. Feels like a single point of truth baked in. Which Is helpful when you're engineering UX and the logic of interaction.

@joshavanier @sebastian @dfr try svelte ;)
If you really need application features (data binding, state management, component oriented code, etc.).

You have the impression to write vanilla html, js and CSS, but you have a full application power behind. It's really easy, very fast. We're using it at work (at quite a big scale). The developer experience is like vuejs, but even better.

If you need server-side rendering, take a look at sapper.

@joshavanier @dfr I have to work with React sadly thanks to the computer science project I have to make – and whew it sucks. Hope I'll rewrite my project as a GTK program afterwards.

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