@neauoire @joshavanier Isn't that a massive paper trash maker? Like, I know one can recycle paper, but... It feels off.


@lains @neauoire From the post:

"If you worry about the environmental impact of printing a sheet of A4 every single day you’ll be surprised to know printing one page per day would produce approximately 10g of CO2 in a year. In contrast, using a mobile device for one hour a day produces 1.25 Tonnes of CO2 at the end of the year, taking into account network and server infrastructure energy requirements."

@joshavanier Yeah, but the end user will feel less guilty if they use the normal phone. Offloading a task to paper like this kinda ecopsychologically makes less sense, even if the math says otherwise...

@lains It makes sense that it would make less sense lol. It's that "out of sight, out of mind" mentality happening there with the end user.

They may be oblivious but there will always be energy being expended, especially in this Internet-dependent era we live in.

@joshavanier @lains I can't stop thinking about this. I want to make myself something just like it but that is not a kotlin phone app, instead just an app that collects my events of the week and addresses, todos and contacts for that week..

@neauoire that sounds like the ideal productivity setup.

if there was a way to sync todos/notes by scanning the paper at the end of the day, that would be icing on the cake

@joshavanier @lains

@artsyhonker @joshavanier @lains I usually try and draw these little maps before heading out, but it's usually pretty rough, I "usually" find my way around town, but sometimes my map are missing important things in them.

@neauoire @artsyhonker @joshavanier @lains ha I did this too when I went phoneless for 8 months. pocket notebook & janky maps + notes was essential for any adventuring

@tty @neauoire @artsyhonker @joshavanier @lains half the fun was when your map was wrong somewhere and you actually had to slow down and THINK and PROBLEM SOLVE and not just do what the phone says

@tty @neauoire @artsyhonker @joshavanier @lains I like the way it made me slow down. oh and drawing my own little icons and doodles in were a fun touch that I can’t do with a phone

@tty @neauoire @artsyhonker @joshavanier @lains ha sorry for the brain dump this just all came rushing back to me & I kinda miss it

@joshavanier @lains @neauoire Does that also take into account the growing, cutting, transporting, processing and manufacturing the paper?

@chrono @joshavanier @lains without any printing involved, the manifacturing alone of a sheet is roughly .0092 lbs of CO2.

@joshavanier @lains @neauoire wouldn't burying the paper when you're done with it be negative CO2 emission? since the carbon in the paper came out of the air when the tree was growing

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