a little generative art playground inspired by and based on Hex and tixy :)


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@joshavanier I really like this tool! I also wanted to be able to share my hacks more easily, so I wrote a patch that embeds it into the url as you edit. I don't have a gitlab account, but here's the commit:

you can see it live here:

@oak thank you so much! I've added and pushed it. I love that coloured variant you have on by the way :)

@joshavanier is that from my site? it doesn't render that way for me (firefox)

@oak I just checked and for some reason it renders like that for me if I open live versions of Hexy. locally, it renders fine. it's weird hehe

@amorris @joshavanier This REALLY reminds me of the Winamp AVS visualizations :D

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