@cblgh @ckipp Or build a webpage that parses your to-do list, picks a random task, and questions you about its importance. Set it as your homepage for a daily reminder lol

@cblgh @ckipp Put an expiry date on all tasks. Have them disappear after a while. If it's something that really needs to be done, you'll either do it as soon as possible or end up having to rewrite that task every now and then. That could be a good filter.

@s_ol Depends on the usage. If it's a simple message, `echo` is fine but I sometimes need to use things like '\n'. Now I could use `echo -e` but not in POSIX:

@ckipp But task-based time-tracking could be interesting. You could add a task, put in an estimate of how much time it would take, then measure actual time spent on that task.

@ckipp I just have a todo.txt in my home folder but I tend to ignore it. I tend to work on things spontaneously rather than planning beforehand.

Iterate and reiterate until everything is beautifully simple and simply beautiful

@s_ol I'm using `printf` because `echo` isn't POSIX-compliant if you use escape sequences

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@joshavanier I feel like my cleanest one is the webring-cli. The main help displays the main commands, and then you can ask for the usage of each command that has options. Short-ish and sweet.

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@cblgh That's so neat and tidy! What happens if I'm only looking for help for a specific option like --alias? Will it print just that line or the whole thing?

@xvw Do you have an example somewhere? I think man pages might be overdoing it. The usage guides are short and sweet lol

1: I don't want to have to manually space them out in columns. I can use the `column` command for that but

2: When there are errors in using any of the subcommands, the usage guide for that specific command should be printed. I could probably just use `grep` for this but it's not elegant lol

Does anyone know any great examples of implementations of usage guides in shell scripts?

Mine's like this but it's not quite "there" yet. I need inspiration.

There's a kind of beauty in its ugliness though haha

@jrc03c I haven't come up with an idea for js13k yet :/

@neauoire Sorry. There's several ways to do forecasts.

SMA (simple moving averages) just takes the average of the data points. That one is fine but it's not very "sensitive" when it comes to detecting actual trends in the data.

EMA (exponential moving averages) does better at catching trends almost right away by adding more weight to the most recent points in the data.

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