@neauoire @dfr @drisc I got started on my bookmarks page so I won't forget. I'll add more things over the next few days. In the meantime:


@dfr @drisc I have a lot of saved bookmarks. I'll sort them this weekend and add a Bookmarks page on my wiki for anyone interested, though I'm sure most of these links are familiar to Merveilles folk hehe

@drisc The goal for each page is to answer What, Why, and How questions and provide links to resources that helped me along the way :)

@antharia This is gonna get me back into a pixel art mood. It looks great!

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@neauoire Thank you. I'm working on a stats page with data summaries, similar to your wiki's Tracker page :)

There was more to HTML than I thought I knew. I'm kinda proud of how the markup looks now :)

CSS is still at 2kB, but it's 926 bytes when gzipped so I guess I can live with that…

…for now

Today I started to add more detailed info about my projects. Still a lot more being cooked up in the drafts.

I've also been obsessing over the littlest things — ’ for better apostrophes lol


@mario_afk Last year, I spent 11.06 hours on AoC and I barely finished the first week haha

@eel @estoricru Isn't Aurora just the Google Play Store in sheep's clothing? Apps are definitely part of my dilemma. I still regularly use Pocket, VSCO, iA Writer, etc. I wish there were more alternative app sources that also offer those apps

@estoricru Unfortunately yeah. But I've freed myself from Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, and GitHub in the past through spontaneous deletions lol and I don't really miss anything.

I'm looking into flashing a custom ROM on my phone. If it works, I'm deleting my Google account.

At this point, it's almost impractical to go without a Google account. Too many things tied to one account.

@neauoire Looking forward to getting back on the productivity train as well during the break :)

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