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I just want little modular scripts that I can pipe into one another.

With these metrics, I can see if I'm being efficient with my time by adding up the indices to get an overall score and dividing that by the number of entries.

When it comes to programming and development, I'm only 34.91% efficient. When it comes to audio, I'm at -5.88% lol.

-1: The session was a waste of time. Often happens when I experiment with something, only to later realise that it was pointless, wrong, etc.

0: The session is alright. I worked on the task I set out to do but I'm not quite done yet.

1: Oh snap y'all. I finished the task I set out to do. 😎

I finally took the time to fully implement session completion indices.

It's a simple ternary scoring system that determines whether or not time was spent productively.

If my calculations are correct, my productivity levels are at roughly ~35%


Depression sent me to the depths these past few weeks. Will resurface as soon as I can.

I wasn't aware of this but GitHub apparently transfers ownership of repos to a fork if the original is deleted. What idiot designed that model?

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"Over the past few decades, we have helped build a corporate culture that systematically prioritizes short-term gains over longer-term product health."

I deleted all (except one) of my GH repos. It feels like a cursed spirit has been expelled from my soul.

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Exploring the shift back to static site generators to sanitize web development practices

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I originally set out to draw a notorious bandit living in the woods. She ended up looking way too kind to be a bandit lol.

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