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The Public Domain Tapes podcast is live! If you haven't already listened, please listen and let me know what you think!

Finished a playthrough of Coffee Talk and really liked it! Very cute. :)

Somebody's probably already done this, but it occurred to me today that Docker would be a great way to make and distribute one of those text-based, found-an-old-computer kinds of games.

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a Diné man wrote a poem about the space race 50 years ago

the more things change, the more they stay the same

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Password must contain a symbol, a number, an emotional arc, a centralized theme, a big set piece, a male lead "struggling w/inner demons" & a strong female character.

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»jeff bezos: i don’t like it when people say i look like an alien

therapist: well you did exploit earth’s resources

bezos: so that i can build my spaceship


bezos: *licks eyeball*«

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Watching my federated timeline and seeing weird domain names makes me happy

I mean, like,

This is the good internet



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Today is July 4. Take time to remember that the United States is no longer a collection of British colonies. And that Britain is no longer a northern outpost of the Roman Empire. And that Rome is no longer a loose confederacy of semi-nomadic tribes that fled south from Germanic tribes in the Caucus Mountains. And that all the Caucasoid tribes migrated north from the original Africans after evolving from early hominids when a geological rift altered leeward weather patterns. It makes me so proud.

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Audacity now collects user data:

I need a new audio editing program. Any recommendations?

I could ramble for a while, but I'll leave you all alone now.


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I got a couple full armor sets and upgraded them; I got some nice swords, shields, and bows (all of which, of course, only last a few minutes at a time); and yet I never felt like I was really dominating. Maybe I was resisting too hard what the game was trying to teach me, but I honestly never felt like I learned how to play it right. With games like Celeste, I feel the mastery growing all the time. But with BOTW, I felt like I was constantly guessing, never able to figure out patterns.

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Finished a second playthrough of BOTW. I still just feel that's a big "meh." It's technically proficient, for sure. It just It feels WAY too gamey, too side-questy, too empty, too grindy, and generally too damn hard. I don't know. I'm sad about it because I really liked some of the previous Zelda games, but this one just really let me down. I *really* wanted to like it, which is why I played through it again, but I guess I just couldn't be won over. 😢

Gonna try out this new Pop OS 21.04 everyone's been bragging about.

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