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The Public Domain Tapes podcast is live! If you haven't already listened, please listen and let me know what you think!

I added a page of poems to my site. They (and many others that were too cringey to post) were moldering away in a Google Doc, unseen by the world. Well, no longer! I'll add more as the mood strikes me.

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Dearest universe:

please be full of fewer amazing cool things, so I can focus on just a couple of things at once.

Yours (literally/atomically),

~ Kira

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Wow I love this: today is the launch of the e. e. cummings free poetry archive! A project that shows what we can do when works enter the public domain.

Behind the scenes notes:

Changed my mind about Bridgerton, by the way. I liked the first episode or two, but by the end, I was weary of it. Oh, well.

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Just got turned on to this, and oh my gosh am I excited:

It's a collection of fonts, themes, keyboards and caps you can use to code while being cute as hell. (Fantasque Sans Mono even has liiiigatures!)

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hot computers in your area want to know your location


The need for closure is heavy today. Maybe I can find it someday.

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trial news 

That's a bit of good news after a week of awful.
Hopefully the other killers receive similar convictions.

I get to do math a bit with my job, and because it's always right at the edge of my ability, it's so satisfying when I get it right! 💪 (Of course, the "getting it right" part happens less often than I'd like, but it's still a nice feeling. 😂 )

...I like the idea of just hanging out with people on (something like) video chat, not requiring anyone to stay, not necessarily even interacting constantly, just hanging out.

(Sorry, I stopped paying attention to my own numbering system.)

6) My parents still make friends offline. Yes, they use the internet a little, but they mostly meet and maintain friendships in the meatspace. Is it possible to make and maintain friendships solely on the web?

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5) I've had great text-based interactions with people. At its best, it feels like having a pen-pal in days of yore. But even so, it's hard to feel like the other person is *real*, like I could rely on them in hard times or just hang out with them or whatever. And text-based communication is also asynchronous, which is great.

5) I want synchronous interactions with people, too, though. I don't want anyone to feel trapped (like I often do on phone calls), but...

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3) The internet makes it possible to make friends from anywhere, even during a pandemic!

4) I haven't made very many friends through the internet. In fact, I can easily count on one hand the people with whom I've formed meaningful relationships solely via the internet.

Why is this so hard? Are my expectations around social media wrong, or are they merely not living up to their own goals? Is something broken about social media, or is deep friendship just not what it's designed for?

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Here come some half-baked thoughts about friendship and social media.

1) According to at least one survey, millennials are the loneliest generation. (

2) I'm a millennial. I'm also an introvert. I like having friends, but I want a few deep friendships rather than many shallow ones. I definitely fall into the "lonely" category of millennials. I have a few deep, long-term friendships, but they're mostly with people who live far away.

Insomnia has really been kicking my butt lately. 😓

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