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The Public Domain Tapes podcast is live! If you haven't already listened, please listen and let me know what you think!

One can hardly ever have too many spare USB drives.

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Gotta buy some more stickers to fix the asymmetry. :/

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you don't hate javascript, you hate capitalism

Who knew the Locrian mode could be so cool?!

5 Musicians, 1 Scale - LOCRIAN (ft. Paul Davids, Ben Levin, Nahre Sol and Samurai Guitarist)

Here's a haiku I saw today:

To con-vey one's mood
In se-ven-teen syl-la-bles
Is ve-ry dif-fic

"Climatebase is a platform for climate action, education, and impact. Our platform — which is accessible to anyone as a free public benefit — empowers the global climate community with the most comprehensive directories for climate jobs, organizations, and events."

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Hey! I've been seeing you all waving at me! 😁 So fun!

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@dualhammers ha! Feel that on a deep level! I think it’s okay to just exist when ya need to. :)

Wow, you all are SO AWESOME! I greatly underestimated how happy it would make me to see those little smiley faces popping up every few seconds! I know it's nothing more than a virtual wave across the void, but it actually makes me feel weirdly connected to you all, like you're digitally present nearby.

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I made a little page where you can say hi to me! When you visit this page, my RPi lights up like in the video! Here's the page:

(Also, I've been posting relatively a lot in the last few days. Please let me know if it's too much! I don't want to blow up your feeds!)

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I don't know if this'll help any of you or not, but I made a tool that splits WAV files along silences. I needed to build the tool for a work project, but I decided to also put it up on Gitlab as a standalone project. I haven't tested every possible edge case, so it's possible that you'll find ways to break it. If you do, please let me know! Enjoy!

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