This sounds like it might be up your alley, @neauoire: "The Lisp Badge is a self-contained computer with its own display and keyboard, based on an ATmega1284, that you can program in the high-level language Lisp."

@jrc03c You are correct. This is right down my alley. I think I might treat myself.

@jrc03c @neauoire What could you do with it? I'm not very familiar with LISP.

@ian @jrc03c LISP do anything. This little device would be a nice toy to experiment with. It could be a little writing toy, a sall game console, I would put paradise on it.

@neauoire @jrc03c Super fun! I've become more interested in tiny computers and primarily text-based interfaces lately.

@jrc03c @neauoire kindah stumpening how we're reduced to navigating menus in the arduino software.

I had a setup that could do commandline.. a long while ago on another computer. At least it does exist... But it should just be available by default. As should an underlying library.. separate UI(GUI or not) from under the hood..

Similar problems with Cura.(i've always ended up using slic3r... also too long ago) To be quite honest, such things seem foreboding.

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