Occasionally, my (Android) phone buzzes at me for no reason at all. It'll buzz, I'll pick it up, and there will be zero notifications of any kind. Anybody know why this might be happening?

@jrc03c Is it a notification buzz with notification sound. Or just a small vibration?

@jrc03c Does it happen when you flip your phone upside down? Or when it stays still?

@xuv I haven't noticed a pattern in that respect, but it at least happens when it's still.

@jrc03c Ok. Then I have no idea. Mine does that when I flip it upside down.

@jrc03c Some phones with (mostly stock) Android 8 have a notification log. Hold finger on the Home Screen / Widgets / Settings Shortcut / Notification Log.

@jrc03c @jakub

Could be a phantom ring.

There was a period where I keep thinking my phone vibrated in my pocket but it never did. I guess this is not an unknown phenomena.

It hasn't happened to me in a while though. Don't know why it started or stopped.

@teknari @jrc03c Haha, I had something similar with my old phone. It had this soft pulsing notification LED and I thought I saw it light up in my peripheral vision so many times... mostly it was light reflections and my imagination.

@teknari @jakub Yeah, I've experienced that, too, though I knew it wasn't that because I could hear it, and because it would happen when it was sitting on a table next to me.

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