What's the best / most ethical place to find good instrumental music? I'm trying to find good focus music, and I've discovered that ambient drone stuff usually works best for me (though I'm open to suggestions if you think something else works even better). I'm aware of, which is pretty good; and, of course, I could easily find stuff on YouTube or Spotify; but I want to use sites that aren't ad-driven. Recommendations?

@electret Any particular artists you'd recommend that make good focus music?

@jrc03c > Drone Zone, Deep Space One, Space Station Soma, Mission Control, SF 10-33. Also

@ice I haven't tried those! I'll check them out. Thanks!

@jrc03c has been around since almost 20 years and played a big part in shaping my musical tastes. I discovered many great artists here, I highly recommend it, and not only for drone and ambient.

@jrc03c I've spent hundreds of hours and monies crawling around drone on bandcamp. I appreciate being able to make the decision to support the artist after getting to know their music.

@bee Yeah, that's a good point. Any particular artists you'd recommend in the genre?

@jrc03c Oh gosh...

Nadja, especially the albums Touched and Radiance of Shadow. It's pushing your face into a sea of white static, blindingly cold and isolating.

The Angelic Process if you like a little more emotion in your plunge into the void.

The album Earth 2 is the pinnacle of drone metal.

Recently I've been loving Arctica, starting with the album Annuminas.

I came upon a label called Squall Recordings the other day and have found some good stuff.

@jrc03c soundcloud for finding artists, bandcamp for paying them seems like a decent method imo

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