I wrote a thing about how we often see ourselves as separate from nature and how that's gotten us into the eco-pickle we're in now.


Josh, I would disagree here:

"I think that humans building houses is exactly the same sort of behavior as birds building nests."

Bird nest building is encoded in their DNA. Hatch and raise robin on a deserted island and it will build a robin's nest.

Human nest building isn't encoded in our DNA.

@teknari What do you think prompts humans to build houses, then? I'm willing to concede that we might not have "build a nest" or "build a structure with four walls and a roof" programmed in that literal way into our DNA, but we surely still have the same general self-preservation instincts that lead us to find or to create shelter, right? Because our brains are larger, we are probably able to more flexibly fulfill that requirement; but it's still a requirement, right?

@teknari I'm guess I'm just saying that they're functionally the same, even if they don't spring from exactly the same mechanism.

Yes, I see what you are going for in the article. You might want to just back off from the "exactly the same" to keep nitpickers like me at bay. ;-)

It does however point to a way in which we are different from animals that you might want to consider or address in future articles.

Agreed, we are not special in the way religions taught us, and that is what I think you are addressing in your article. We are just 'animals' and a part of nature.


There are however only two processes we know of that create knowledge: the process of evolution, and the processes that occur in human brains.

That makes our brains cosmically significant.

@teknari @jrc03c <--- in Dawkins' book "The Selfish Gene" in one of the chapters he makes this parallelism between his improved darwinian theory and how ideas work inside human cultures, defining for the first time "memetic" this kind of genetic of ideas. Worth reading!

@jrc03c Heh I knew there was Alan Watts lurking behind your lines.. :) Thanks, enjoyed it!

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