I'm getting started on my RSS feed recommendation site! Anybody have any name ideas?

I just read through your thread about this idea. It seems to be somewhat similar to an idea I've had for a while. I think it would be similar to Google reader, from what I've heard of the service (I never used it).

The gist is it would be an activitypub powered link sharing platform. You can use it as an rss reader, follow friends (local or remote) to see a feed of what they are sharing, view feeds other users follow, and comment on links with each other.

Pretty much mastodon mixed with an rss feed reader.

@dustin Hm...Well, I hadn't planned on implementing the actual RSS reader part of it (like Google Reader); I literally only wanted it to be a place where people could recommend feeds to follow. Then, you could collect a bunch of them and download them all as an OPML file. I also don't think it'd necessarily be ActivityPub-powered; for now, it'll probably just be a typical centralized web app. I could make it decentralized (like Hallway) by not worrying about upvotes, though. oh I see what you were thinking of. Quite different. I also really like that idea though, looking forward to trying it out once you have it built :)

@jrc03c Years ago I made a gaming news feed aggregator and just named it after a Laibach song, tweaked a bit.

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