1/2: I've been noticing a strange effect of caffeine lately. It's not just that I feel more alert and focused when I've had coffee; it's also that I tend to think that everything's more interesting as well. For example, when I've had coffee, I start noticing how amazing civil engineering is, or how awesome some new software library is, or how fantastic some piece of art is. Does anybody else get that effect from caffeine?


2/2: The problem, though, is that I'm super sensitive to caffeine; just one cup of regular coffee sends me over the moon. It has all of the above effects on me, but it also makes me extra irritable and anxious. I'd like to have the former effects without the latter. Presumably, some other kind of nootropic could help, but I'm nervous about experimenting. Anybody have any thoughts, advice, or similar experiences?

@jrc03c yep, same here but only the negative side. One cup and I become really sensitive on anxiety, with no real motive. I think you should try tea instead. The polyphenols contained in the tea make caffeine absorption way more gradual, instead of the coffee sudden caffeine spike, which could be the responsible for anxiety triggering.

@sunshine_recorder I hadn't heard that. Good to know. I wish I liked the taste of tea as much as I like the taste of coffee, but maybe it'll be worth a shot. Do you know if there's a significant difference between black and green teas as far as caffeine and polyphenol content goes?

@jrc03c @sunshine_recorder
me reading this toot: how could anyone not like The Taste Of Tea— oh, you mean actual tea lol

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