Some of you might be interested in CookLang, a recipe markup language.

@jrc03c this certainly is easier to read as a human than, say, the XML schema many sites use (generally via CMS plugins)

@jrc03c Oh my god, this is exactly what I need. I started a side project to do this in Go using the text/template package.

@jrc03c Wow, it can be used to generate shopping lists… from the cli? I love it!

@jrc03c radical! so you basically omit specifiying ingredients and instructions separately? => meaning the "ingredients" section of recipes is autogenerated from the cooklang input?

@cblgh That sounds right, though I haven't looked at it too closely yet!

@jrc03c holy shit i love this sooooo much

thank you for sharing

@lewlepton @jrc03c That is really cool, though the `{}` at the end really throws me. Too many years in Markdown, I guess.

But, something to consider for my own recipes. Thank you.

@dmoonfire @jrc03c I do so much cooking, all vegan. even for my dog

so this is great & hell of a lot easier for sharing things

im gonna look into it a bit further. may even get my 'accidental haggis' up ready for the holidays. first I need to find my paper scrawlings, lol

@jrc03c this is unironically, extremely useful and practical If anyone's curious what the web UI looks like before going through the trouble of installing, I've been working on copying some family recipes over and have it running on one of my VPSes :akko_fingerguns:

@jrc03c If Ron Swanson had a cooking blog... FINALLY. :)

@jrc03c ooh, I have been meaning to add a few recipes to my site

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