I'm thinking about calling my RSS recommendation site "The Rills" or just "Rills". Here are my reasons:

1) It has a Merveillesian ring to it.

2) A "rill" is a stream.

3) I can do a cool logo in which I incorporate BOTH the RSS logo AND the letters "RSS", like the attached image. (The designers among us could probably make a better version than mine.)

Anyone have an opinion about this choice? Or have any better ideas?

Also kinda fun:

"Attendees of this year’s Typographics Festival will receive a special gift from the Font of the Month Club: a free mystery font from the club’s back catalog chosen completely at random. There is one catch, however: that free font is stored on a 3.5” inch floppy diskette."


In related news, I need to get into that '80s-'90s aesthetic more. Very nostalgic.

"BIY™- Believe it Yourself is a series of real-fictional belief-based computing kits to make and tinker with vernacular logics and superstitions. With BIY™ you can tinker with cameras that can see luck, microphones that interpret your destiny, and compasses that can point you to harmony and balance."


epilepsy warning / more godot shader experiments 

More Godot shader experiments!

In the process of trying to simulate gravitational lensing around a black hole, I got this (incorrect but pretty) result:

Learning about shaders in Godot by making fractals!

I made a no-frills, super-simple thesaurus, in case that interests you. It's here: ameyama.com/thesaurus/ Enjoy!

This is easily my favorite track from the Celeste soundtrack: "In love with a ghost - Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)" radicaldreamland.bandcamp.com/

:audio: I wrote up and recorded a little tutorial for using with SunVox on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04), in case you're interested. It's super easy and doesn't use any of that JACK nonsense.


Has anyone here tried @nuclear and/or have opinions about it? Nuclear is a "modern music player focused on streaming from free sources." nuclear.gumblert.tech/

This sounds like it might be up your alley, @neauoire: "The Lisp Badge is a self-contained computer with its own display and keyboard, based on an ATmega1284, that you can program in the high-level language Lisp."


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