This is easily my favorite track from the Celeste soundtrack: "In love with a ghost - Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)"

:audio: I wrote up and recorded a little tutorial for using with SunVox on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04), in case you're interested. It's super easy and doesn't use any of that JACK nonsense.

Has anyone here tried @nuclear and/or have opinions about it? Nuclear is a "modern music player focused on streaming from free sources."

This sounds like it might be up your alley, @neauoire: "The Lisp Badge is a self-contained computer with its own display and keyboard, based on an ATmega1284, that you can program in the high-level language Lisp."

Has anyone else tried Trillium Notes? Looks like it could be useful...

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Also, I made a little Electron app for Merveilles Town. Would anyone else be interested in getting a copy? I can toss it up on GitLab or something, if you want.

I haven't gotten to play Gris yet, but the artwork looks quite nice.


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