Why is adulting so damn hard? I just want to crawl into a hole and sleep until next year.

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@rek @ragekit Thanks! I'll check them out! I sorta wondered whether it'd be a pain to get a tablet to cooperate with Linux...

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why didn't i know about pandoc until now?

finally i can convert my longer html reads to mobi and read it on the kindle.

@rek (or anyone else), do you have a recommendation for a good drawing tablet? I've never really used a tablet before, so I don't need a super-fancy one; just one that's good enough to get started with and that's compatible with Linux / GIMP.

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The collective output of writing, tools, music, and other creations of Merveilles is remarkable. I get so inspired when I scroll through our feed. I love this place.

@neauoire Are you making it declarative, or is that a command history on the left?

I read this short story this morning. I had to re-read it five or six times to figure out what was going on. And it's not that it's poorly written; it's that so much information is omitted that a relatively high amount of inference is required to make some sense of it. In the case of this particular story, the form is much more interesting to me than the actual content; I like having to do a lot of reading between the lines. Now I want to make games like this.


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after a few days of sitting on it, i've decided to publish my thoughts on social networks and social networking as a feature, mostly inspired by my current experiences with twtxt.

i've also included a short description of my DAT-powered twtxt setup at the end.


@grafofilia Sounds like a rough time. Hope the coming weeks and months are better! :)

@sunshine_recorder I hadn't heard that. Good to know. I wish I liked the taste of tea as much as I like the taste of coffee, but maybe it'll be worth a shot. Do you know if there's a significant difference between black and green teas as far as caffeine and polyphenol content goes?

@lrhodes I usually drink it first thing in the morning after breakfast (or by itself if I'm doing intermittent fasting). If I drink it after lunchtime, I'll be awake all night long.

2/2: The problem, though, is that I'm super sensitive to caffeine; just one cup of regular coffee sends me over the moon. It has all of the above effects on me, but it also makes me extra irritable and anxious. I'd like to have the former effects without the latter. Presumably, some other kind of nootropic could help, but I'm nervous about experimenting. Anybody have any thoughts, advice, or similar experiences?

1/2: I've been noticing a strange effect of caffeine lately. It's not just that I feel more alert and focused when I've had coffee; it's also that I tend to think that everything's more interesting as well. For example, when I've had coffee, I start noticing how amazing civil engineering is, or how awesome some new software library is, or how fantastic some piece of art is. Does anybody else get that effect from caffeine?

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