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I'm thoroughly enjoying my time here on Mastodon, especially in Merveilles. This is such a rich community. Every time I hop on I learn things and am inspired to be better and to create more all while connecting with others. This is what I want out of social media.

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I like ArchLinux, but i'm really interrested about QubeOS !

(does the site has OG metadata ;) )

mh+, birdsite x-post 

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"We found that at least 61 percent of apps we tested automatically transfer data to Facebook the moment a user opens the app. This happens whether people have a Facebook account or not, or whether they are logged into Facebook or not."


Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android | Privacy International

Fuck page-blocking, accept-all-our-cookies-without-recourse, capitalist pig modals. Fuck them all. 😠

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Sometimes, when working with CSS, I want to toss my laptop into an active volcano.

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"We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable." She paused, and then continued, wryly: "So did the divine right of kings."

Sorry for spamming you with so much stuff today, but here's one more. MuseScore 3 was just released!

This was a good find today. Helped to ease my impostor syndrome a bit. "Things I Don't Know As of 2018":

I don't know if this is anyone else's cup of tea, and I haven't played the game yet myself, but apparently SOMA is free on GOG right now.

Also, I made a little Electron app for Merveilles Town. Would anyone else be interested in getting a copy? I can toss it up on GitLab or something, if you want.

I meant to post this the other day but got busy with other things. I bought @deerful's latest album on Bandcamp. It's so good!

I have very poor self-control, but it may not always be obvious to others because my desires don't typically lead me to engage in behaviors that are harmful to others, or even harmful to myself in a short-term way. For example, I have virtually no self-control when it comes to what I eat; but since that only affects me in the long-term, most people around me don't notice how truly impulsive I am. I shudder to think of what I'd be like if I couldn't resist more destructive impulses.

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What are the values of the instance?

We chose to align ourselves with that of the movement.

— A demand for technology and society to re-centre around sustainability, longevity, and balance with an emphasis on renewable energy.

— A focus on decentralisation, community activism, social justice and civic empowerment.

— A recognition that economic, social, and ecological injustices are all deeply inter-connected.

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