Firefox Nightly includes ( a built-in tracking query param stripper! 🤓

The default set of stripped params is quite limited for now, but you can add your own via the `privacy.query_stripping.strip_list` pref (space-separated).

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Tired of seeing links full of UTM tracking param garbage? No worries, configure Firefox Nightly to strip them out! 🎉

@jryans Wow, Mozilla is getting more and more aggressive towards webpage owners. I kind of expected them to become more submissive with their dwindling market share, so that webpage owners are more willing to still support Firefox.

But I do certainly welcome them standing up for users. Hopefully that will actually bring in more users.

@friend I would guess site owners are influenced most by browser market share, so they'll be more likely to test in Firefox if its share of users starts going up again.

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