@friend I would guess site owners are influenced most by browser market share, so they'll be more likely to test in Firefox if its share of users starts going up again.

Tired of seeing links full of UTM tracking param garbage? No worries, configure Firefox Nightly to strip them out! 🎉

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Firefox Nightly includes (bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.) a built-in tracking query param stripper! 🤓

The default set of stripped params is quite limited for now, but you can add your own via the `privacy.query_stripping.strip_list` pref (space-separated).

@neauoire Here are some of the projects themselves:

* CompCert - verified C compiler (compcert.org)
* OCaml - programming language (ocaml.org)
* Why3 - program verification framework (why3.lri.fr)
* Creusot - program verification for Rust (github.com/xldenis/creusot)

@neauoire It's a French research lab (inria.fr/en) that works on many things... I'm currently exploring various formal verification tools and languages, and they've worked on many pieces of that space in the last few decades.

Hmm, somehow every project I've looked at today is built at or at least has connections to Inria... 🤓

@consumtariat Ah thanks, though that benefit is apparently going away… 😢

@kbusse Ah yeah, thanks, seems like a good reason to at least be an occasional SIG member.

For those in CS academia... Is there any reason to be an ACM member...? I assume your host institution provides access to papers, so you wouldn't need your own membership for that at least.

If you've tried to debug an optimised program and seen the line numbers all mixed up and all the interesting state "optimised away", then that's the kind of thing we're aiming to sort out.

With improvements like this, exploring program state can start to become something you can rely on, rather than it being a strange thing you don't really trust.

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For my next adventure, I am exploring reliable debugging workflows as a foundation for malleable software together with Dr. Stephen Kell at King's College London.

I had a great time the last 3.5 years at Element working on Matrix. The Matrix ecosystem is amazing. Definitely worth a look for both chat and more general async data storage.

Had a great time at my first EuroLLVM dev meeting! 😄

Lots of great discussions with SN Systems and others on ways to improve debug info.

Thanks to the LLVM Foundation and everyone else involved in running the event! 👏

@akshay Ah, I thought you meant old messages the client has never loaded before, but sounds like you mean your client is slow to re-display older messages it has already shown once before? I suppose that may differ by client, depending on how long they cache messages and keep them around for…

@kingcons You may also been interested in the recent flurry of research applying e-graphs to various optimisation problems, including compilers: egraphs-good.github.io/

@akshay More likely rooted in server / API design, so (unfortunately) changing clients may not help for that. 😢

@kingcons Glad you found the post you were looking, seems like a great summary! 😄

@kingcons Well, it’s not a blog post or short summary by any means, but the VSDG thesis does cover a lot of the ground you describe… cl.cam.ac.uk/techreports/UCAM-

There was a blog post somewhere that turned me onto the idea of the Value State Dependence Graph as an IR and now I can't find it. If memory serves, it was generally talking about ways to view compilation as a search problem and had a list of interesting papers from the last ~20 years with brief summaries. Is this ringing a bell for anyone? 🤔

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