Considering learning about ARM or C. Motivation for both would be learning the underlying mechanics of electronics I work on. Any words of advice from those who know more about either?

Thanks to everyone who replied. I'm going through all the options I've been given.

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I’m really considering “making a functional personal site/wiki” a priority so I can start publishing things. Any hosting and domain options (preferably within Europe) that are fairly environmentally sound and respect my privacy and data when subscribing to their services?

I'm happy to report that a Japanese learning routine has been established again. Mostly reading, listening and typing comprehension at the moment so writing practice methods are welcome.

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How does one get away from distractions?

Writers of leftist theory really overestimated the attention span and dedication to reading of future generations.

I'm seeing various Merveillans talking about learning languages and am reminded I need to work on a routine again.

Moving slow with my Manjaro progress. High DPI screen seems to be the biggest conflict, other issues are mostly me taking things for granted with MacOS. i3wm is very enjoyable though.

I've also thought of doing this with an RPi but the E-ink screens available are pricey and not 100% where I like them to be, pixel-rendering wise.

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Been wanting to part with my tablet for a bit but I like having something to read books (and more importantly manga) on. Are there any E-readers out there that aren't heavily locked by DRM?

Today someone who doesn't reside in the same house as I decided that it would be a nice gesture to buy and install a "smart" doorbell. As a result, the regular doorbell (which worked perfectly) doesn't function anymore and I'm required to install an app to be able to know when someone is at the door. Any advice on how to sit through this IOT fever dream?

I meant low-waste digital libraries, brain is still a mush from configuring Manjaro.

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I'm wondering how Merveilles goes about video games. Low-waste physical libraries or owning games physically? What about emulators and owning roms? Any other philosophies about gaming?

Luckily holding the option key gives me boot options, not all is gone.

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I managed to make it even more minimalistic. No boot options!

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Partitioning - 1 minute
Installing Manjaro - 3 minutes
Installing boot manager - 5 minutes
Configuring boot manager to look agreeable - 30 to 60 minutes

There's still a solid amount of work needed to make Manjaro feel like home but I'm confident it will work out.

After some feedback, I'm going for Manjaro. Biggest issue might be switching bootloader. I've done that before but will need to consult some guides again. I will also have to yet decide on a GUI. Might also go for i3wm since all the cool kids are doing it.

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Computer nonsense part 2 - for now I'm considering repairing and keeping my current laptop while exploring various Linux distro's until one feels comfortable enough. I don't see myself going back to using Windows.

semi-rant about the most anti-consumer electronics brand (part 2) 

It's not just about repairability and longevity for me. Owning and showing use of these products also could be seen as approval of this company and its business ethics. Unless I make it really clear I buy these products secondhand and disapprove of the company (which still sounds a little paradoxical to me) the default assumption will be I bought the product directly from the company and am okay with their practice. (2/2)

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