Settled. It'll be Shades of grey for GTK and Just black for openbox, easy on the eyes and elegant. Good for a start, might switch to something more fancy if I stumble upon it

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Is anyone using Manjaro with openbox ? I got rid of the "pimped Ferrari" look of the default install, but I'm not yet in complete visual bliss : I'm looking for a sleek minimalistic theme, retro pixel art ideally, any suggestions ?

One of my friend developed his website using raw html generated offline. Seeing how power consuming PHP is I'm tempted to do the same and entirely rebuild my PHP/javaScript mess of a website

This was done directly with the pen, with no sketch, and this was the first thing I finished for years and years (apart from tattoos of course). I hope (and I'm pretty sure) I'll finish more stuff now, starting with inktober

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I coded a simple sampler inside Godot to make the poops sing, it was foolish of course (the time when the sound plays is far from accurate so it sounds clumsy, and it's a waste of CPU), but fun nonetheless. Now to do things in a smarter way, I'll make my silly song in sunvox and split all this in neat little samples.

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Poops are piling up nicely. Now I will make them sing, which shall be fun.

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stop trying for eternity
and just be a child of your time

I a working on a witchcraft-themed series of drawings... Here is a very small Baba Yaga house as a preview.

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