New timelapse ! It's for the drawing of the house of Baba Yaga, 11 hours of work in 2 minutes.

Third art print : the house of Baba Yaga ! This one is a bit smaller, A4 format.

Here is an attempt, not quite the bullseye yet but I'll keep searching.

Hi. I soon won't have a Gemini capsule anymore, the reason being I'm shutting down my web server to go back to shared hosting. It was an interesting experience having this smol net hole, but I'll keep it simple from now on : a good plain simple static html website, period.

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Second art print ! It's about dreams.

I had crazy dreams tonight. We had so many pets. An enormous multicoloured spider turned into a crab and attacked an oddly shaped big red toad. My wife bought on internet a tiny bee hive that grew in our kitchen, forming modest sized honey glazed gigeresque pillars with tiny bees in every nooks. Lastly, a hobo staid in our garden, he was a hunter so he roasted several deer legs. As a vegetarian who wanted privacy in his garden, I got very angry. Awesome.

And I just sold the first one. This is the official commercial start of my career as an Illustrator. Yay. 🎉

I'm so happy I could finally use the most extreme token of emotional display available in the social media game, the cat emo with little hearts instead of eyes.


Hrraa, I just did.

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That's it : my first art print is on sale. Such an important step for me...
Repost of my entry for the sketchbook project, as I've integrated it to our website. French version, also.

I can't stop listening to Aldous Harding. Help me eventually : Are there any other artists like her ? Dark Pop Folk Surrealism if I dare to say ? Or something like that ? It's so good.

Finally, I'm aware these words are a bit dumb, and very easy to contradict, but they help me finding what to draw. I wanted to share them here, like a milestone. Next post will be a drawing, and no more words I hope.

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Maybe (just my own little thoughts) disappointment is inevitable for everything, because of entropy I guess. The only escape from it is art.

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The (kinda dark, sorry) point is : when so many things are disappointing, my production needs to not disappoint me, whatever the cost.

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