Repost of my entry for the sketchbook project, as I've integrated it to our website. French version, also.

I can't stop listening to Aldous Harding. Help me eventually : Are there any other artists like her ? Dark Pop Folk Surrealism if I dare to say ? Or something like that ? It's so good.

Finally, I'm aware these words are a bit dumb, and very easy to contradict, but they help me finding what to draw. I wanted to share them here, like a milestone. Next post will be a drawing, and no more words I hope.

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Maybe (just my own little thoughts) disappointment is inevitable for everything, because of entropy I guess. The only escape from it is art.

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The (kinda dark, sorry) point is : when so many things are disappointing, my production needs to not disappoint me, whatever the cost.

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Still nothing to show though, but I'm on my way, breakthroughs after breakthroughs, one little epiphany at a time.

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Hi merveilles. Still in the twilight zone between two careers. I'm drawing many hours everyday. This is good and I can still draw more without so much effort, that's what I need to do.

I think this is my favourite Monty Python song. Listening to the long silly sketch before it is mandatory.

Who has played or is playing Cogmind ? I'm getting back into it and I love this game. Its only fault is that it's only playable on Windows.

I'm in the twilight zone between one career and another. The end of tattoo art, the beginning of

Passionnante conférence sur les mécanismes physiques qui expliquent le développement des embryons : fascinant de voir tout ce que l'on sait de nos jours sur l'un des miracles les plus mystérieux du vivant.

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