I started using 11ty, I love it. thanks @tendigits for the advice


I'm quite blown away about how fast you can work with it. And the result is so much more valuable than a pile of php and javascript shit

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Ok, 11ty is amazing. I recoded the home of my website www.lm6d.com with it, it was easy and fun. That's really motivating.

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@jylm6d One of us. One of us.

I really fell in love with 11ty - I can make my site look like pure html+css, but have the advantage of generating stuff like navigation :)

I haven't done much with web since the late 90s, and 11ty feels like a progression from what I was doing then (vs. what bloated mess modern web has become).

@FredBednarski I didn't expect it to be that simple to use. I'm really thrilled

@jylm6d @FredBednarski while I've been recommending 11ty as a quick/flexible generator, it does have bloat from being in the npm world.

I'm very much intrigued by the work @neauoire did to build Oscean. I hope to learn from it and build my own low-dependency, super-fast builder. I recognize that will probably take me a while, so until then, 11ty.

@tendigits @FredBednarski @neauoire I see. Actually when I discovered that 11ty was in javascript, I had the same thought : not ideal. That being said, it is ideal for the time I have to build my website (I thought about it and I won't code my own C builder, that would be temerity, not courage :)), and it is very, very light and blazingly fast.

@tendigits @FredBednarski @neauoire Oscean is indeed very intriguing, as is all this radical low power, ecological IT trend.

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