@jylm6d It's a good read, though like everything that touches OSS, it comes down to the slippery eel of terminology. Just software will turn into a buzzword unless such a movement has clear, strict principles about what is and isn't that, from day one. An "actions speak louder than words" sort of mantra could help.

@rezmason That's the tough part... I don't know to what level I agree with this article, but I do think that something about open source misses the point and fails to extract itself from capitalism (even if that wasn't the base intent, that's what we need to do nowadays). That being said, how to define new principles to amend that is beyond me, honestly. There was this : anticapitalist.software/

@rezmason But being "anti" something is not a good way to define new standards. So this anti-capitalist license is by no means something that can work, it just makes you think

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