That's it : my first art print is on sale. Such an important step for me...

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And I just sold the first one. This is the official commercial start of my career as an Illustrator. Yay. 🎉

I'm so happy I could finally use the most extreme token of emotional display available in the social media game, the cat emo with little hearts instead of eyes.


Hrraa, I just did.

@jylm6d oh wow that's gorgeous, where could I grab one? ~

@ritualdust Thanks a lot, I'm really glad you like it. You would have to step inside our Etsy store :
For now, many, many lovely jewels crafted by Annelaure and (Hum) one art print. More to come, though.

@jylm6d ah damn it's a bit out of my budget for now but if you ever make smaller ones I would love to support you ~ @Hellien you might be into this ;)

@ritualdust Thanks for the share, I saw her work once, it's really good ! About the print, I will do smaller ones very soon, maybe there's one that you'll also like. And I'll also do less pricy objects, not limited in print, or not as limited as this one.

@freedcreative Thanks ! Exciting indeed. Someone buying my art is new for me. Before that I was paid for doing tattoos, which is also great, but quite different actually.

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