@ice I see, I agree then : you must not think of target and audience. You must only do the stuff you like and that doesn't exist, the best you can.

@ice @ndpi I think I disagree, at least in some way : you're right, but maybe being too radical in doing it for yourself could lead to not evolving as fast, and even move in circles : whereas confronting your work with everything else is much more challenging, and forces you to strive for the best. It's a balance, as @ndpi said. And as much as I hate capitalism, I don't think it is really involved in this particular equation.

@zens and also, you've got to be brave and do/show your stuff, which is the hardest. When you understand that you're condemned to see yourself as a fraud, you begin to not give a shit, and do stuff, then show it. And even ask money for it, which is the most most difficult thing to unconstipate, as it is where the fraud is the most blatent to you.

@zens I often see the crystal clear vision of the finished magnum opus you talk about. I think it is an illusion. I see it because I didn't stumbled yet on the countless difficulties along the way, that will bend and transform that crystal clear vision into mud. So better stop looking at the vision, and just look at the workbench. With smaller, less ambitious projects, that allow you to make progress in your stuff, by doing it.

@zens I can totally relate to this. For me I spend awful amounts of time "refining" the ideas before doing them. I journaled a lot and wrote pages and pages of bullshit, that I should put on fire one day. The truth is my main enemy is the fear of not doing something good enough, it makes me not start, then stop the project at the beginning, or even in the middle. My solution for this kind of constipation is to stop thinking and do stuff. Ideas refine themselves while you do the stuff.

@freedcreative Thanks ! Exciting indeed. Someone buying my art is new for me. Before that I was paid for doing tattoos, which is also great, but quite different actually.

This new A3 scanner is cheaply built but awesome.

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@jameschip Ha, I see. So you don't put them in your list for the opposite reason : they lifted themselves to a higher status than books. The content they hold managed to transcend their own nature.

@jameschip If I dared, I would say that maybe in a way you don't think rpg is a worthy enough, or "cultural" enough subject to make a proper book, with everything that's attached to this word, "book". I have a book about astrology. I think astrology is complete bullshit, yet it is a very good book.

@protodrew I'm not that much into classical music but I tattooed a composer called Ramon Lazkano. He really is a lovely person and I dig his music, listening to it feels like walking across very weird and varied places.

And I just sold the first one. This is the official commercial start of my career as an Illustrator. Yay. 🎉

I'm so happy I could finally use the most extreme token of emotional display available in the social media game, the cat emo with little hearts instead of eyes.


Hrraa, I just did.

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@ritualdust Thanks for the share, I saw her work once, it's really good ! About the print, I will do smaller ones very soon, maybe there's one that you'll also like. And I'll also do less pricy objects, not limited in print, or not as limited as this one.

@ritualdust Thanks a lot, I'm really glad you like it. You would have to step inside our Etsy store : etsy.com/shop/lm6d
For now, many, many lovely jewels crafted by Annelaure and (Hum) one art print. More to come, though.

That's it : my first art print is on sale. Such an important step for me...

@jameschip that's for the better. The comprehending of the true finality of number blocks have broken more than a few strong minds. Some cosmic truths are better left hidden, for our own sanity.

@jameschip something like that. It all wraps up in the episode featuring block nº 7 234 654 322 221. But kids lost interest in the show at this point.

@jameschip my opinion is that all blocks are telepathically linked to a single malevolent consciousness. It's all an act. Their goal is to conquer the universe by gathering as many (seemingly) silly blocks as possible to build a single looming mega blockstack of destruction and doom.

@tendigits "...even if it means blowing the whole thing up with explosives to get there." There is a dark side to Cousteau, but I doubt it will be talked about in this documentary.

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