Repost of my entry for the sketchbook project, as I've integrated it to our website. French version, also.

@rostiger @freedcreative I tooted too fast. Sorry about that, I deleted it. Of course Blow is on the right side.

@jo I think those are his nuts. For an instant I thought it was a snout, but it's much too hairy.

@caffo But maybe her best album is the latest, "designer".

@caffo She's like an actress changing with every song, so it's tricky to answer. Personally seeing her on youtube perform "Swell does the skull" got me interested; the song "Party" on the eponym album got me hooked.

I can't stop listening to Aldous Harding. Help me eventually : Are there any other artists like her ? Dark Pop Folk Surrealism if I dare to say ? Or something like that ? It's so good.

@SuricrasiaOnline It happened to me too : once in a dream, many years ago, a movie director commissioned an illustration from me. I made several versions of it without pinpointing the exact thing I saw in my dream. This is the latest version, I'm working on a new one (hopefully really accurate this time) as I try to get back into proper dream journaling and lucidity quest these days.

Finally, I'm aware these words are a bit dumb, and very easy to contradict, but they help me finding what to draw. I wanted to share them here, like a milestone. Next post will be a drawing, and no more words I hope.

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Maybe (just my own little thoughts) disappointment is inevitable for everything, because of entropy I guess. The only escape from it is art.

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The (kinda dark, sorry) point is : when so many things are disappointing, my production needs to not disappoint me, whatever the cost.

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Still nothing to show though, but I'm on my way, breakthroughs after breakthroughs, one little epiphany at a time.

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Hi merveilles. Still in the twilight zone between two careers. I'm drawing many hours everyday. This is good and I can still draw more without so much effort, that's what I need to do.

@dualhammers of course we are. Also, none of us are giant douche bags as far as I know.

I think this is my favourite Monty Python song. Listening to the long silly sketch before it is mandatory.

@im Toujours aussi croustillants ces articles de Lordon. Un vrai plaisir à lire, grinçant, érudit et tellement vrai, à chaque fois.

@bee That's perfect, it looks like it just popped out of the game. I am also a huge riven fan, best game of all times for me.

Who has played or is playing Cogmind ? I'm getting back into it and I love this game. Its only fault is that it's only playable on Windows.

@azu Haaa, you're a natural... Lucky you. I'm far from that ! To have a dozen short lucid dreams required a lot of work, and months without any success at the beginning. I have very rich and weird enough normal dreams though, so I'm not complaining too much.

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