After I (very gently) used my coercive power to take her to the vet, one of my cats now seems to see me as a kind of dark souls boss. She does even strafe and dodge-roll when I try to pet her. For now she doesn't attack, but if she manages to level up and learn my pattern I'm in trouble.

@hecanjog yes, this radio guy is mesmerising. He's not really in the same time-space as the band playing. You can feel that he's part of the old world, and the band something recently emerged

@hecanjog if you like it's a beautiful day, I strongly advise "live in the studio, San Francisco 71". Really exceptional.

C'est le moment ou jamais de se mobiliser contre la loi de "sécurité globale" votée à l'assemblée aujourd'hui. La ligue européenne des droits de l'homme condamne le projet ( et elle met aussi à disposition une attestation spéciale à remplir pour aller manifester :
à Paris le rdv est à 18h devant l'assemblée nationale. Mobilisons-nous dans toute la France.

@hecanjog I'm not sure it's really psychedelic folk, but : Half moon run, Jim O' Rourke. And of course some classics : it's a beautiful day, Paul Kantner, Jethro Tull...

@royniang never underestimate the liberating power of excretion.

@hecanjog thanks a lot ! I must admit I don't know a single name you mentioned, so I've got hours of discovery ahead of me.

@hecanjog I didn't know that band, that's exactly the stuff I like. Would you by any chance know other contemporary bands in the same spirit ?

@irimi1 I picked Sonic : listening to your childhood's video game music as music box is an absolutely haunting experience. Twisted memories from an era long gone, soon forgotten...

@GraySpots @stolas @monorail I'll think about the mailing list, thanks for the suggestion. I will also post updates on the fediverse, for sure. This silly project gives me much joy in these dark times, especially using the word "poop" so much in my code. That's very silly, but I have a very bad sense of humour.

@stolas @monorail I will, I'll need feedback when I have something playable. Right now I'm drawing all the little poop instruments.

@monorail @stolas I'm actually developing one, where you stack singing poops. No demo yet, but actively working on it with the lockdown.

@thomasorus That's a very clever to handle a fanbase. Win-win deal, no doubt.

mh, swearing 

@morgan Sorry to read that. Times are tough...

Cap au pire, par Frédéric Lordon (Les blogs du Diplo, 10 novembre 2020)

Ploopy little pooping furry ball
Today I designed the main screen. Fun ! Now I need to draw dozens of little poop instruments, a few power ups and I will be ready to code the first playable demo.

@Juju You're welcome. I was an absolut Riven fanboy. I still consider it "best game ever made" for its time, it was really groundbreaking when it came out and it was a major artistic influence for me as a teen. Beware though, it is brutally difficult, a tough nut to crack.

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