@jakeisnt I like to look at a field and after knowing it sufficiently, ask myself : what doesn't exist yet, is feasible with my very limited time and skills and would be great if it actually existed ? Or something that already exists but scarcely : for example in tattoo art when I started I wanted to do thin lines and plentiful details, as I saw mostly thicker lines on the french scene. Something new is always what I want to do. Good, bad, that's not for me to decide, I can just do my best.

Do you guys know any other good interactive oddities as qualitative as this one ?

@flaneur I'm convinced that humanity's grim destiny is to conquer absolutely everything like the invasive species it is : I'm also convinced it will succeed in surviving this process by deploying dreadful industrial scale technology to transform its environment, while failing to avoid catastrophic deaths and destruction. You could argue that it is terribly pessimistic, but compared with the end of humanity and all its knowledge & culture, I consider my current futuristic fantasies as realist.

@rainonwires A part of me is peaceful, nothing can get there. Sometimes it retracts, sometimes it takes up all the space. The other parts of me are pretty annoying, I guess.

Passionnante conférence sur les mécanismes physiques qui expliquent le développement des embryons : fascinant de voir tout ce que l'on sait de nos jours sur l'un des miracles les plus mystérieux du vivant.

@ritualdust I will work on a printable version then, for your zine and to make an art print. When is the deadline for your zine ?

@darius sorry, I can't understand a word of what you're saying. I just turned 38, you know.

@ritualdust Being a tattoo artist has been a wonderful experience, I learned a lot, it was a tough but gratifying job.

I'm glad you like my leafy ghosts ! I'm more than ok to have it published in your zine. About hanging one on your wall, I don't sell my originals but I plan to sell art prints, so I'm tempted to make a printable version of that one, after I'm through with a big first project I'm lost in right now. Which ghost do you prefer ?

@ritualdust Hey, thanks ! Actually I'm in the process of stopping my tattoo art activity. Glad you like it, though.

@ritualdust Practicing with common pen and paper helps build a very steady hand. You can try to draw over some lineart very precisely, with your new line matching exactly the existing lineart. And you can try to do it vertically, on an easel. But doing lots and lots of pomelos until being confident with your lines is really the way to go. Shading is a lot easier, lines are the really tricky part, where the worst mistakes can be made.

@ritualdust When I was taught tattoo art a decade ago, I mainly used pomelo fruits to train : they are round and difficult to handle, which is great, but the most important is that if you go too deep, your line gets all fucked up. That's essential to learn how to tattoo without going too deep. A too shallow tattoo piece can get fixed : a too deep one can't.

@ritualdust My two cents : there are two problems with artificial skin and pig skin for tattoo practice : firstly, they are flat. What is hard in tattooing is managing to draw on a not-flat surface, with no proper hand support. Secondly, you can't "break" ("éclater" in French) the line : going too deep and putting ink in the hypoderm, where fat is, which leads to line spreading and scars in the short and middle term. You can almost go as deep as you want in pig skin and artificial skin.

@neauoire Thanks. Perfect ambiance for tonight's drawing session.

@ice Me, it's a bit simpler : project A aborted because not sure of it and wanted to start project B, aborted because not sure of it and wanted to start project C, aborted... etc, repeat endlessly until the next existential crisis and/or the apocalypse.

@irimi1 With the rarefaction of resources, at some point companies are bound to face some difficulty to produce electronics at the absurdly huge (and unnecessary) volume we see these days. Maybe it's the beginning ?

@s_ol Thanks ! I'll start with something like that and see how it unfolds.

@s_ol Thanks, I think I would need something more flexible. In some cases, the hierarchy would not be know in advance : for example, a house containing a chest containing fruits, hats and a pair of trousers with a small box in the pocket containing a glove, containing a spirit that can emit sounds or other interactions. And the fruits can hold worms, maybe.

@jameschip Right. So I will look into design patterns for inspiration and dive into it. Thanks for your insight

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