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Cap au pire, par Frédéric Lordon (Les blogs du Diplo, 10 novembre 2020)

Ploopy little pooping furry ball
Today I designed the main screen. Fun ! Now I need to draw dozens of little poop instruments, a few power ups and I will be ready to code the first playable demo.

"Ghost Town" des Stones est quand même infiniment mieux que notre Renaud national avec son "Coronavirus, connard de virus"...

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Can Merveilles town citizens suggest podcasts to enlighten this common humanoid? :}

Ok, 11ty is amazing. I recoded the home of my website with it, it was easy and fun. That's really motivating.

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I'm quite blown away about how fast you can work with it. And the result is so much more valuable than a pile of php and javascript shit

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I started using 11ty, I love it. thanks @tendigits for the advice

I apologize in advance for the massive posts flood that I'm about to unleash : I just caught back on my ten days lateness on inktober.

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