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What would be great : a web browser extension that allows any web page to be scrolled on two, or even more columns moving a single slidebar.

Annelaure handcrafted some thaumatrope necklaces. Her ideas, my drawings, her beautiful handcraft. There's two in this video, but she made 8 of them, all with unique theme and drawings.

Finaly, I also started using a tattoo machine to engrave bone cabochons, as a lockdown alternative to tattooing, as this may not be the last lockdown we must face here in France. Let's hope it is the last, though. The designs I chose are witchcraft themed, so we might release witchcraft centered bone carved jewels and tattoo designs in the not so far future.

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I think I will draw labyrinths. That seems appropriate for these times. Then eventually go back to these witchcraft drawings.

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Fortunately, I can tattoo again now so that's a major boost to my motivation.

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workflow (or lack of) update : This lockdown maaaay have triggered some kind of stagger in my work and mind. I have a hard time drawing the witches tattoo designs I talked about many, many weeks ago.

A new addition to the reception's deco for the reopening : my grand-father's cuckoo clock (for real in facts). Anne-Laure looked what was broken, but it was still in perfect condition : the pendulum was just badly assembled. The tic-tac and "cuckoo" of the bird are either heart-warming or a bit creepy, you decide.

After I (very gently) used my coercive power to take her to the vet, one of my cats now seems to see me as a kind of dark souls boss. She does even strafe and dodge-roll when I try to pet her. For now she doesn't attack, but if she manages to level up and learn my pattern I'm in trouble.

C'est le moment ou jamais de se mobiliser contre la loi de "sécurité globale" votée à l'assemblée aujourd'hui. La ligue européenne des droits de l'homme condamne le projet ( et elle met aussi à disposition une attestation spéciale à remplir pour aller manifester :
à Paris le rdv est à 18h devant l'assemblée nationale. Mobilisons-nous dans toute la France.

Cap au pire, par Frédéric Lordon (Les blogs du Diplo, 10 novembre 2020)

Ploopy little pooping furry ball
Today I designed the main screen. Fun ! Now I need to draw dozens of little poop instruments, a few power ups and I will be ready to code the first playable demo.

"Ghost Town" des Stones est quand même infiniment mieux que notre Renaud national avec son "Coronavirus, connard de virus"...

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Can Merveilles town citizens suggest podcasts to enlighten this common humanoid? :}

Ok, 11ty is amazing. I recoded the home of my website with it, it was easy and fun. That's really motivating.

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I'm quite blown away about how fast you can work with it. And the result is so much more valuable than a pile of php and javascript shit

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I started using 11ty, I love it. thanks @tendigits for the advice

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