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In C++, what would be the best design pattern to build a world of nested entities of different types, each being able to hold one or several dynamic collections of entities, and every entity being able to communicate with each other ? Like : a world contains a region which contains biomes and cities which contain animals and people and objects, etc, etc... I'm browsing design patterns but I'm a noob in this area, so maybe a kind fellow fediverse dweller can point me in the right direction ?

After reading several people here on merveilles talking about toki pona, I finally started casually learning it. For now it's very fun and enjoyable.

Drawing while listening to Sketches of Brunswick East from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is a damn fine activity.

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Marvelous pursuits are a means to resist alienation from one's environment because they are a temporary means to make that environment one's own, by ascribing one's own, often bizarre, value for things and spaces.

The marvelous pursuit often creates complexity but a complexity which is opposed to that of the technician. The master of a marvelous pursuit can never be an engineer because the marvelous is by nature useless to society (and therefore to capital).

That magic moment when you first log in to your new server. The blinking cursor, inviting you to populate this virgin new personal space and make it your own.

What would be great : a web browser extension that allows any web page to be scrolled on two, or even more columns moving a single slidebar.

Annelaure handcrafted some thaumatrope necklaces. Her ideas, my drawings, her beautiful handcraft. There's two in this video, but she made 8 of them, all with unique theme and drawings.

Finaly, I also started using a tattoo machine to engrave bone cabochons, as a lockdown alternative to tattooing, as this may not be the last lockdown we must face here in France. Let's hope it is the last, though. The designs I chose are witchcraft themed, so we might release witchcraft centered bone carved jewels and tattoo designs in the not so far future.

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I think I will draw labyrinths. That seems appropriate for these times. Then eventually go back to these witchcraft drawings.

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Fortunately, I can tattoo again now so that's a major boost to my motivation.

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workflow (or lack of) update : This lockdown maaaay have triggered some kind of stagger in my work and mind. I have a hard time drawing the witches tattoo designs I talked about many, many weeks ago.

A new addition to the reception's deco for the reopening : my grand-father's cuckoo clock (for real in facts). Anne-Laure looked what was broken, but it was still in perfect condition : the pendulum was just badly assembled. The tic-tac and "cuckoo" of the bird are either heart-warming or a bit creepy, you decide.

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