It's been a very long time since I enjoyed black metal this much

SPECTRAL WOUND - A Diabolic Thirst

Antifascist black metal from Canada

@sejo finally got time to watch the rest yesterday. An awesome complement to the first 2 days of your tutorial. For me it helps a lot to complement reading/writing with discussions/dialogues. And yu have such a nice energy. I hope I can join live for the next sessions :)

@sejo had time to watch about 45 minutes last night. It's a pleasure to listen to you! Makes me want to get a small whiteboard :) watching the rest tomorrow

Prefab Sprout - I Trawl the Megahertz

Perfect poetry for a rainy autumn evening

My partner won best cinematography for our short movie! :)
A small festival but the only one we have applied for that has premiered.

For the past 2 years me and my partner have been working on a script for a short horror movie about a mother and her newborn baby. Last winter we finally shot it over 2 weekends.Post production is almost done now.
I directed it, and co-wrote the script with her and she shot and produced it. She is the mastermind behind it but I'm very proud of what we achieved together with almost no dugdet, small crew and my 0 experience with writing and directing.

Short update #1 About 7 ago I wrote an algorithm that indexed digital news articles. I wanted to collect news in the same way social media was collected and make the data available through an API. About 4 years ago I got an investment from a local company that wanted to help me grow. Investtors I later came to realize were earning their money in ways I could never align with. A slow and tedious process led me to terminate the company a few months ago. It was one of the biggest reliefs of my life

@whtrbt Where did you watch Possessor? Still can't find it in good quality anywhere.

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@kadaver You know how countries have national flowers? Merveilles would have a fungus instead.

@whtrbt Heard about the restrictions lifting a bit for you guys. Happy to hear :)

The illusion of money has never faded as much as it does now

Me and my partner summarised the decisions we had to make the last few days in regards to COVID-19

our first plan was to get @whtrbt to sail us home, but he didn't have a few months to spend unfortunately

So all the airlines are going bankrupt, and we need to move home from Melbourne to Sweden. If Qatar goes broke too we have no way of getting home for a long time. The politicians in Sweden are not doing anything to prevent the spread, and that will have a significant backlash soon. So we bought tickets home yesterday, and we are going to fly home in probably the worst time to fly across the world. ADVENTURE TIME

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