Hey Merveilles. I miss you

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@kadaver I'm doing well thanks, just been pretty inactive lately because of work life haha. how about you? what have you been up to?

@joshavanier Happy to hear you are well <3. Same here. I have been up to a bunch of things. I have killed my company because I realized my investors were Pure Evil. I have written and directed my first movie. Started asweosome projects with a friend. But most of all I am happy for the first time in my life, not because of any of these things but just because I have accepted myself as a person. Very strange. Looking forward to explaining more soon :)

@neauoire Indeed! Been a busy busy year with lots of exciting things I'm eager to share with everyone here in time. But first, how are you? I saw Orca at HN the other day :)

@kadaver I'm looking forward to see what you've been cooking up!

I'm good! Doing my habitual little experiments ^^

@neauoire happy to hear :) Where are you guys docked now?

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