My partner won best cinematography for our short movie! :)
A small festival but the only one we have applied for that has premiered.

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@xiroux Thank you :) The primary purpose of this film was to jumpstart her career as a cinematographer, so it feels amazing that she got this award.

@xiroux It's not complete yet, we're missing one tiny visual effect. But after that and we have it online, I'd love to send some private links to some members of Merveilles :)

@kadaver Oooh, that's nice! If you want to share it with a complete stranger you just met, I'll be glad to watch it :) If not, I'll wait for a more public release :3

@xiroux strangers no. But Merveilles neighbours yes. Even if we just met :)

@kadaver Nämen, är du svensk (jag har just läst om Och... är filmen på svenska? Jag pratar bara lite svenska, men det skulle vara bra att försöka titta på den på originalspråket.

@xiroux Yes, I'm Swedish but the movie has no dialogue :)

@kadaver Then I'll understand everything 😎 Answering your question: my girlfriend started learning it a while ago (she is now a Swedish->Spanish translator) and I joined later. It's a beautiful language.

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