My partner won best cinematography for our short movie! :)
A small festival but the only one we have applied for that has premiered.

For the past 2 years me and my partner have been working on a script for a short horror movie about a mother and her newborn baby. Last winter we finally shot it over 2 weekends.Post production is almost done now.
I directed it, and co-wrote the script with her and she shot and produced it. She is the mastermind behind it but I'm very proud of what we achieved together with almost no dugdet, small crew and my 0 experience with writing and directing.

@joshavanier Hey josh! I am really excited to start using Log. But for some reason I cant get it to work on my macbook. Do you have any suggestions of what I might be doing wrong? Totally get if you don't have time of course :)
Get the same error if I remove the
dev fro the command.
This is the error I get, on both macbooks I have tried it on:

After finally finishing The Malazan book of the fallen fantasy epic I'm very excited to start reading my first sci-fi from Steven Erikson.


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