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our first plan was to get @whtrbt to sail us home, but he didn't have a few months to spend unfortunately

So all the airlines are going bankrupt, and we need to move home from Melbourne to Sweden. If Qatar goes broke too we have no way of getting home for a long time. The politicians in Sweden are not doing anything to prevent the spread, and that will have a significant backlash soon. So we bought tickets home yesterday, and we are going to fly home in probably the worst time to fly across the world. ADVENTURE TIME

and it's pretty legal actually. Had to rework the process for a few months to get it within the vague boundaries of internet laws

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I have over the past years indexed 99% of all news published in Sweden, and around 70% of all news published in Norway, Finland and Denmark. Recently I started with Australia too. It's pretty quick, an article is available around a minute after it's published. The articles are available in fulltext. So if anyone is interested in using some news data for something send me a message. You can get access to it all through a REST api.
Been obsessed with Monchat Domat since I saw them live a year ago. Can't recommend them enough.

con: getting more and more detached from my physical surroundings.
pro: getting more and more attached to my digital surroundings.

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Is there anyone else in Melbourne aside from @kadaver and I?

Trying to express the dread I feel to the people back home in Sweden. The country I currently live in is facing one of the biggest disasters in modern history. Linking news and data doesn't work, pictures work a little. It is too big to comprehend. Trying to create sounds or write stories instead.

@whtrbt just bought one way tickets to Straya in December. Will probably stay for 5-6 months this time. Will you be in Melbourne?

Going to tomorrow for 3 days of art, music, sounds and workshops in one of my favourite places on earth.
Very excited.

@neauoire I just got an organelle. Looking forward to getting usb -> midi -> organelle going so I can start playing with and external instruments. Will definitely use as a part of my creative process too.
I will hopefully get it going next week.

Does anyone have any experience with ? Want a new os on my macbook

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@whtrbt hey man! If you have time you should really go see Trepaneringsritualen (SWE) Aus tour final show at Old Bar. Incredibly powerful liveperformance

Today the European Union voted through the bill that among other things makes it illegal to link news articles or pictures without paying a link tax. Dark times ahead.

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i've been working on this tabletop worldbuilding game for a long time, and now its out~~

the ground itself is a one-session collaborative storytelling game about places over time, and the echoes we leave in the physical memory of space

you can get the pdf on

I guess I am one of the few that have actually missed this. But I find it so incredibly awesome I have to share anyway. Does anyone else know of any other instances of decentralised storytelling like this?

We were supposed to walk in Wilson Proms national park today but the entire park is beeping evacuated because of bush fires. Now we realize we are surrounded by bushfires. Crazy

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