@kaemura @neauoire beautiful composition!
the audio seems a bit silent or is that just my weird setup?

@eel @neauoire I noticed it too actually after uploading, I recorded it rather quickly and might have had the output volume too low

@neauoire @eel haha, I don’t have much audio experience so I’m not aware of best practices and will have to learn about this when I go to record tracks

@kaemura @eel On a macbook, I usually master for 3 notches down from the max volume.

@kaemura @neauoire really nice ! It ends too early :) !
Side question : how did you record the vid (with the sound in sync) ?

@kaemura @neauoire oh, and I forgot, what were the sound sources ? Hardware (synths) or samples ?

@0gust1 @neauoire I used some instruments/sounds/audio effects that come with Ableton, and I recorded the video with OSX' built in recorder, routing the audio output from Ableton through Soundflower.

@kaemura thanks for the details and tips! I hope to find some time to make one vid this weekend.

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