I'm doing a talk about Human Programming Interface this Thursday 16:00 UTC! lu.ma/69ennufm

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Laughing at linguistics memes because it's 6:40 AM

Hmm having some issues with PeerTube + OBS, so perhaps next time! For now let's try twitch.tv/karlicoss -- in an hour, at 1600 UTC!

I'll be setting up HPI github.com/karlicoss/HPI#readm module for Zotero (open source PDF management & annotation app) + Promnesia and whatnot!

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Might do that tomorrow (Sunday), maybe about 1600 UTC? Somewhat flexible, if you're super keen to watch, can move later maybe.
Will work on integrating Zotero data, not sure how long it will last -- maybe a couple of hours?
Also I haven't really live casted before so don't promise much, but hopefully it will go well :)
Any advice on choosing PeerTube instance?

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@Preston @neauoire Let us not forget the majestic zeppelin train either, which was too intimidating, dangerous, and loud for passengers and eventually melted for the war effort. Still, supposedly held the highest speed record for 20 years.

I cleaned up my page on building cool software projects! Didn't mean for it to be an extensive "guide", more like some random things I value and think about.

What are things you think are the most important?

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PSA: in less than an hour the #NASA #Perseverance rover will land on #Mars:

👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾 👾

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Last year, we spent 51 days at sea during the passage from Japan to Canada, it was the hardest thing we had ever done. We kept a physical logbook of daily happenings onboard. This is that logbook, revised, and with a ton of extra notes.


Note that it's a static export, so quite heavy (30Mb) and slow at times; further optimizations need to be done. But Logseq is getting there!

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Logseq did some changes, so now linking into published exobrain works properly!
And I guess it's somewhat ready to be shared with the world :)


Notes graph: beepb00p.xyz/logseq/#/graph

"Tomorrow in London there will be snow showers"

Cleaned up & updated the exobrain page on my [[dashboard]] project beepb00p.xyz/exobrain/projects

Some screenshots:
- sleep intervals (you can see I started experimenting wil rolling sleep lately)
- some strength exercise volume stats (yellow are warnings, e.g. bad data, missing fields etc)
- cardio exercise vs HRV correlation

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we need a new word as an alternative to "prepper" --- which is associated with a flavor of extreme independence and often paired with conspiracy theory (ie hoarding silver), owning more guns than you can carry, and (frequently) lack of actual practice (ie stashing 500 lbs of flour without understanding it goes bad, or knowing how to really bake).

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