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"If any script fails, the page still delivers its core functions and information via the markup, stylesheets and/or server-side scripting."


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Chronicle is another personal tool I created in an effort to better understand and know myself. It creates a timeline UI from text based data using @neauoire's tablatal format and parser.

Feel like this is the right place to share!
Instead of buying wireless headphones you might be better off buying a separate Bluetooth -> 3.5 mm adapter.

- it's tiny
- costs 10£ (if not less)
- you can just buy new adapter if it breaks (instead of throwing away your headphones)
- you can use it with different headphones (e.g. home/work/exercise)
- you can still use your headphones without Bluetooth

People often tell me that it never occurred to them they could do that!

Here (merveilles.town/@karlicoss/103) I mentioned a project I worked on for the past year and a half. It's not a concept or vaporwave, I actually use it on all of my devices including phones!

But making it usable for other people is a pretty hard problem. Almost all of my github projects and blogging lately have sprouted from this in order to break down and explain the complexity.
(also guilty of doing fair amount of yak shaving instead of pushing to release).


"A Thermomechanical Material Point Method for Baking and Cooking"

Wow, this is awesome! Decent baking (also apparently roasting/dehydrating?) simulations are possible now?



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"Every aspect of your life is a choice. There are default choices -- you can choose to sleepwalk through your life, and accept the path that's been laid out for you. You can choose to accept the world as it is. But you don't have to. If there's something in the world that feels so wrong, and you have a vision for what a better world could be, you can find your guiding principle, and you can fight for a cause."

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Just finished the first prototype of a new literate programming tool: verso|recto.


It does things a little differently than most LP tools, letting you keep the source code in standard file formats while still providing a strong link between code and prose. Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think!

(@karlicoss - you might find it interesting)


Ah ok, it ended up not really solving my problem, merely prompting me towards what could be a decent solution. So I somewhat unexpectedly wrote a post: "What if cron and systemd had a baby?"


Very relieved that it seems quite simple to implement and all the complexity would be hidden inside systemd.

That moment when you spent half an hour writing about something, which let you come up with a perfect search query to find an almost perfect solution. And now whatever you wrote is kind of not useful anymore.

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@ndpi some of my (I'd say successful, at least I was satisfied) experiments:

Writing readme with linked/embedded code, docstrings and unit tests: github.com/karlicoss/cachew/bl

Similar concept, I just write program's help (i.e. in Python code) in org-mode syntax and then embed the help itself into the org-mode readme via babel raw.githubusercontent.com/karl
Small downside is that --help ends up with org-mode artifacts, but hopefully that's not a big deal.

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I've been thinking about Literate Programming quite a bit recently, wishing there were a way to write a program and associate some long-form text with it to explain the theory the program uses. The tools should allow you to reference snippets of code from multiple files — to illustrate collaborations between modules, for example — while not obscuring the logic itself. We have good tools for writing programs; we need better ones for explaining them in context.

ah, also fun fact, Rob Pike is one of the main contributors to this project, fans here might appreciate :)

Enjoyed reading "The Upspin manifesto: On the ownership and sharing of data", resonates a lot with me!

> I can no longer make my true home directory be where my files are any more. Instead, I am expected to work on some local machine using some web app talking to some database or other external repository to do my actual work


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Where do you keep your ideas of things to build? Is it public?

All my ideas are public right now. I wish they were all built, I don’t have the time nor skill to build all of them.


I am curious because part of building Learn Anything is building a platform for ideas. I want to go to any of your profiles and see what cool things you want to create. And what things you are creating right now. I want to get inspired and build things together. ✨

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The yak is actually made of tiny little yaks, all sitting on top of other tiny yaks, they are all unshaved.

Your sheers are also yaks.

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I see so many people here that produce so many different kinds of cool and creative things and I want to know what the work methodology is to make it happen.

What's everyone's fix for carving out the time when you have several time-intensive interests?

I've been trying to make a habit of committing time each day to web dev, visual art, and music, but it seems inevitable that at least one of them doesn't happen after a while. Life gets busy. What do you do? What's your schedule?

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Updated my notes on various topics concerning ethics: green anarchism, animal rights, adaptation, dark mountaineers & solarpunks.


I've finally written up on data I'm collecting and liberating from different services and devices I'm using.
After data is collected locally, you can write fast, resilitent and fully offline tools to actually use it (and I mention what I use each data source for!).


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