Also, the total size of Hakyll code is 500 LOC (without the comments), which supports my guess that Haskell isn't necessarily good for such task.
(And that doesn't take the Hakyll library itself into account!)

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Phew, rewrote my static site generation into Python... (currently it's done by Hakyll)

750 lines of code, but lots of it are horrible compatibility hacks to ensure the output matches exactly to Hakyll's. Now I can switch and do the pleasant bit: removing the code 🎉

Also it's already multithreaded, so clean build takes 10 seconds instead of 80!

Whose Gene is it Anyway - Genetic Design Live Stream

This guy's channel is really cool! So maybe you'll enjoy the live stream too.

Finished another post, an argument against using 'dumb' config formats (e.g. YAML/JSON) and for using real programming languages instead. This realization has relieved me from lots of frustration!

Also lots of related links about configuration languages!

I know we all don't like javascript here, but when you do need to use it...
This link is a great source of vanilla, no-framework code snippets for doing manipulations on the DOM. Wish I had found it earlier when I just started messing with JS!

One of the best physics resources (wiki!) I've seen.
Main idea is that it presents stuff in three levels: intuitive, concrete and abstract. So you can elaborate or just skim through depending on your current knowledge. Also often elaborates why is a certain concept interesting.

Wish there were more wikis like that for other sciences!

Figured that chances of getting a haricut in the few following month are pretty slim, so just buzzed it all :D
Looks better than I expected, the only dowside is I'm feeling cold now! Apparently hair keeps the heat quite efficiently.

I've finally deployed my powered personal wiki aka the Exobrain!

Still lots of stuff I need to clean up and transfer from the private notes, but it's a start!

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Found some cool stuff
I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is this website, but it's weird in a good way, so belongs here!

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Today I published the first version of my personal knowledge repository:

It's still rather bare-bones, but I will be adding to it over time.

You can also find the contents on GitHub:

Currently I'm using Hakyll for my blog, and while I'm comfortable with Haskell, tend to spend more time that I want bending Hakyll into doing what I want.
I only want:
- simple HTML templating, but with ability to inject stuff with code
- dependencies (to refresh pages on update styles/transclusions/for index pages/etc)
- multiprocess build for indepentent pages
I think I just want something like make, but nicer and safer. We'll see :)

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I've gone through most of static site generators written in Python on , and so far it seems that I'll have to write my own 🙀

physical health, COVID-19 

I think reasons are:

- plaintext means you can fix anything you don't like after the export, even if it's hacky and hardcoded. You can fix 90% of stuff with sed/grep/regexes without having to parse syntax
- you can embed HTML/CSS as a last resort or for fine tuning

Good news are both of these points apply to markdown too!

Extra nice thing about org-mode is org-babel (code blocks). So you can embed bits of code, include results in the output; and even generate org-mode with code!

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I can't get enough how fucking cool is . With some manual fiddling (mostly to get around old github's org-mode rendeder bugs), I've mirrored the blog post as the readme file!

There is so much overlap, and now I don't have to maintain two files; also people can choose if they want to read it on github, or on my blog.

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Also getting more and more used to org-mode transclusions.
Using code to generate org-mode works really great and allows for great flexibitily!

I'll also reuse large parts of the blog post for the github readme (or vice versa), that way people could choose where they'd like to read it and I won't have to duplicate content!

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Yay, I'm finally 99.9% done with another post.

It's about Human Programming Api -- a python library I'm using to wire together and access all of my personal data and digital trace.
I've got some demos & plots, check it out! :)

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