@rek @neauoire didn't realise you had a talk about life on boat! Enjoyed it so much, was great to hear your story!

@karlicoss @rek ah! Thanks for watching it. We're pretty happy with it, it kind of covers everything a bit :)

@neauoire @karlicoss @rek

> "but ... you hate going outside, do you know that sailing is outdoors??"


@neauoire @rek It is a fantastic talk, and you two seem like wonderful people to be around.

@clacke @karlicoss

@notclacke @clacke @karlicoss @rek I'm glad you like the talk : > Let us know if you have any question!

@neauoire @clacke @karlicoss @rek Haha, I just intended it to be the typical ignorant question, but also not surprised it's true. :-D
@neauoire @clacke @karlicoss @rek aaand the in-passing "our friends from [ . . . ] Scuttlebutt" answers my next question. :)
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