Finally finished up writing up a proper announcement & story of Promnesia!

I'll probably wait for a bit before properly publishing, these last 10% of polishing & adding documentation were quite draining and I need to chill for a bit.

If anyone wants to try it out and struggles with documentation on setting up -- please don't hesitate to reach me, happy to offer personal help, via email/chat or video call!

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So far the most keen user (at least in terms of trying things and reporting issues) is some random French guy who studies history, doesn't know much about programming and using Emacs for organizing his knowledge. Makes me so happy!
Maybe regular people also want and can use such tools after all.

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@karlicoss Reminds me about how I want to fix most of data storage (and lol because I think HaikuOS already does it nicely, so I'll also look into it).

- Supports mass tagging like in boorus
- Be isolated from the internet (as least absolutely can't do storage→internet), so it's surveillance-capitalism resistant
- Supports full text search and image/music recognition
- Try to be software-independent (exporting/common data format would be a mess though)

Most of that is very easily done with any relational database, so just needs applications to use it, luckily I have a [url=]WebKitGTK+ Browser[/url] so it won't be locked in an extension/service/…
And bookmarks part of this browser will just be the simple one (saved in XBEL), this is just for history.

@karlicoss even if I don't end up using it, it's been an interesting read by itself! Thanks for sharing. :)

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