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hello, my name is Karol.
i'm a software developer and a visual artist. i currently reside in Wrocław, Poland where I code for a living.

in my free time i do recreational programming — i mainly tinker with parsers, compilers, and virtual machines, but i also toy around with retro computing and electronics.

besides programming, i have a passion for various kinds of restrictive art. my main focus is drawing and pixel art, although i also dabble in animation and graphic design.

not sure if i should continue aoc in uxntal, it feels too much like a chore and just takes too much time for me :( might drop aoc completely and do something else or do some aoc in zig bc i wanted to learn it

finished advent of code day 2 in uxntal with @brendan's 64-bit number subroutines

the results get printed with a bunch of spaces at the start, but im gonna fix it someday

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got both of my lobes pierced today! my first ever piercings ^^

i'm really pleased with how the `?` macro turned out btw, here's how it works:

`NEXT-LINE` returns `string* 00` if there was a next line in the input, and returns `01` if there's no more lines. the `?` macro takes that 00 or 01 at the top and if it is a 01 (so no more input) it jumps to the end of the program where the final result is printed. otherwise, it continues the execution, so then `PARSE-DECIMAL` takes that `string*` and parses it to a `value^`

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made a little rewrite of the `next` subroutine, now i can do stuff like `NEXT-LINE ? PARSE-DECIMAL`

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advent of code in uxntal day 1

managed to do it without loading the entire input file into memory! i'm doing a buffered read of some sort, so the input is consumed more or less line by line. with the `next` procedure which returns the next number in the input, the code becomes really straightforward and most of the procedures can be shared between both parts

didnt do any prep so the whole thing took me like 4 hours x___x

@neauoire where does the suffix -tal come from? i noticed it in your works and i'm assuming it means "language", but i'd love to know its origins

i'm ending this month very satisfied and grateful with what has happened with @compudanzas: we advanced, playtested and documented the technique; we taught the online workshop; we got to help in the Mu tutorial; and we got new supporters via patreon and ko-fi! :tealheart: :merveilles:

i invite you to join in supporting so that we can continue with online workshops and start translating our materials! it would help us a lot :)

i haven't left my apartment in 3 days and i still caught a cold. how does something like this even happen

@karolbelina or chatbot -- a bot tells you about your own life. The problem with our personal "stories" is they aren't coherent and engaging enough to inspire us to read them. But a chatbot could interleave them into your life to help you maintain consistency or break out of a rut.

i feel like making my own memex

i hate how my memories are distributed all over the internet. i have them here on merv, i have them on twitter, on github, on itch, on various small forums, some reside on my dropbox, some on my mega. should any one these services just sort of die, these memories are gone forever. and i want to preserve those because....they define me, right?

my vision right now is to collect as much as i can and compile it down to some sort of a personal website

btw the recipe is really similar to chana masala which i used to make a lot

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published a small update for this. besides some minor changes, the video is now responsive and scales to fit screens with fixed sizes

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this is my new comfort food btw. i tend to add a carrot, a sweet potato, some green peas and some daikon. also i'm amazed by the sauce every single time i prepare it

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a line between two points in uxn

this is an implementation of the Bresenham's algorithm, and afaik it's been implemented already for Noodle and Clock, but i wanted to try my own version just as a warm-up

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