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hello, my name is Karol.
i'm a software developer and a visual artist. i currently reside in Wrocław, Poland where I code for a living.

in my free time i do recreational programming — i mainly tinker with parsers, compilers, and virtual machines, but i also toy around with retro computing and electronics.

besides programming, i have a passion for various kinds of restrictive art. my main focus is drawing and pixel art, although i also dabble in animation and graphic design.

Replicated the bit map UX from the calculator to the hex editor.

i got a pull request for ruxnasm so it turns out someone is actually using it for real and now i feel kinda bad for not syncing the uxnasm changes. is this how open source feels like??

thinking about uxn on an atmega328p. eventually i think i'm gonna get an sd card reader for loading the roms, a 64k ram chip, a screen, a ps2 mouse & keyboard, and a second sd card reader for the file device. not sure if handling all of this is gonna fit in 32k of avr but i'll try

handling all of the edge cases in the syntax is one of my weirdest kinks for sure lmao

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if anyone here is using visual studio code, i made an uxntal extension which does syntax highlighting. u can grab it from the builtin vscode marketplace (id: karolbelina.uxntal) or check it out on their website here

if u want to contribute or check out the textmate grammar:

for asma i would ideally load the test cases directly on uxn, but i'm wondering if there's a way to traverse such a file tree through the file device on varvara

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let's write an unxtal test suite!

every directory with an `input.tal` file is a valid test case. if there's no `output.rom` file, it expects an error, else it compares the file with the actual output of the assembler

these were surprisingly fun to make. i have cookies for days*!!

* like 2 days approximately

if you're having synchronization issues when playing the video along with the original Bad Apple video, you can tweak the `FRAME-TIME` constant in the uxntal file, or if you need more precision you can fiddle with the `SDL_Delay` function in the uxnemu source code (that's what i did for the yt video, it was still laggy as hell at the beginning, but after trying for like 2 hours i decided i dont care)

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the assembled binary size is around 63k bytes. it contains the rendering code and the compressed video data

810 1bit 42x32px frames compressed with RLE fits nicely in the 64kb minus 256b limit. turns out RLE is especially nice with only two colors. there's also ~1.5k to spare, anybody willing to squeeze in the audio? lol

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i made a chickpea shakshuka for the first time and im starting to think it's my fav dish

lovely day today btw

Halted: Working-stack overflow#0001, at 0x011b
Halted: Working-stack overflow#0001, at 0x011b
Halted: Working-stack overflow#0001, at 0x011b

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