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Every good hacker story begins with a junk desk.

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Hi, I'm Kevin.
I am an electronic engineering student interested in music production, programming, technology and diy.

Recently I have taken to cultivating my own website and trying to make my use of the internet more productive.
I want my time spent creating to beat my time spent consuming.

I tend towards being somewhat of a generalist and less of a specialist in my endevours and pride myself on learning and having a broad knowledge.

Thanks for having me!

Hitting new PBs for typing! Before covid hit my speed was less than 40wpm.

(This was on my split ortholinear keyboard)

Spent the evening desoldering switches and LEDs from an old .

I'm definitely going to reuse them in another keyboard build at some point. (Still deciding on a form factor but It needs to be more portable than my current split keyboard)

A well spent evening! It was something I've been meaning to do that I finally got done and it was somewhat cathartic.

very cool concept for an open source off-grid mesh network using relatively inexpensive GPS radio microcontrollers

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time to take myself less seriously, while simultaneously taking myself more seriously :)

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my tripod was in a really sad state.
The part that holds the phone was broken as well as the ring that holds the legs in place.
I designed a replacement piece in and printed a new phone mount that i found on
I'm glad that I'm able to give new life to something I would've had to throw away were it not for

just used organicmaps android app for navigation and it was a pleasant experience, i have toyed around with using osmand for ages but its very finnicky and has way too many options to get confused by.

organic maps has a great balance of features and is dead simple to use!
I can now confidently remove google maps from my phone

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I say this because having a digital zettelkasten system with good mobile support would be nice but letting some random VC company hold it hostage sounds like a very very bad idea

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There's something incredibly... wonderful about writing a person an email after you've read their gemlog which you randomly stumbled over. And if they answer and you actually end up having a real conversation. This. This is peak internet.

Working on a little page for my that I use all the time. Music gear, coffee gear, and computer stuff.

I'm interested to hear, what are some of your favorite things that get a lot of use?

For me it's probably my .
I make coffee with it everyday and it's really held up as a no fuss way to make a good cup of coffee.

quickly quickly - everything is different to me.

Giving me some really great old school tame impala vibes.

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tell me who is making a living via the internet without:

- owning other people's data
- analytics or trackers
- algorithms for distribution (via youtube, facebook, etc…)
- centralized platforms (medium, tumblr, vimeo, youtube, twitter)
- charging upfront
- superficial/clickbait content
- proprietary code

bonus points for combinations

my finally arrived. Spent yesterday afternoon assembling it.
I'm enjoying it very much.
Its like having a little robot that makes stuff.

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From the Gemini FAQ

"There are benefits to the style as well. It encourages including only the most important or relevant links"

I really hope none of you bought into this way of thinking. A link that's unimportant to most of your readers, for a learner, can be a doorway into a new world. An abundance of links makes texts more accessible to newcomers and helps to index the web. Anything that discourages linking decreases the health of the network. You should NEVER be stingy with links.

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are there words for "music production" that aren't so yucky? it fails to capture that sometimes music isn't the thing that's being made, and that sometimes the product isn't what matters? "sonic exploration"? "banging pots and pans"? hmmm...

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!
so far it seems the options are:

- 100r oscean
- modifying a jekyll "digital garden" theme
- tiddlywiki
- zim
- writing a script
- vim wiki

I will have to see what sort of combination of offline and online i would like to have and then try and merge 2 of these.

for those here who have a system setup, what is your workflow like?

do you manually create all the files and just search through your files when you want to use a [[wiki link]]?

I'm trying to get backlinks in jekyll on github pages so that I have some system for linking pages together, but I would really like to use a wiki links style system where I can link to existing files and create new files as I write.

Currently I just have a bunch of files linking each other

so far its working well! I have spitfire audio labs running but haven't gotten vital or surge to work on fedora. I might nuke and pave my machine and put debian on it since most of the VSTs that do support linux natively only offer deb packages.
arch might also be an option since a lot of plugins are available through the AUR.

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