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@phil I once again will mention that browsers should start rendering markdown natively. it would make publishing so much simpler for the less technically inclined.

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Every good hacker story begins with a junk desk.

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Hi, I'm Kevin.
I am an electronic engineering student interested in music production, programming, technology and diy.

Recently I have taken to cultivating my own website and trying to make my use of the internet more productive.
I want my time spent creating to beat my time spent consuming.

I tend towards being somewhat of a generalist and less of a specialist in my endevours and pride myself on learning and having a broad knowledge.

Thanks for having me!

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Button press = orca pattern ✔️
Now I just need to decide how many buttons and what patterns to bake into each. Oh and of course wire it all up *gulp*

90s styled ambient music with a vaporwave flair. been binging fornax void's youtube channel the whole morning. There are some excellent live streams and videos.

Happy 25th Anniversary to The Internet Archive.

The Wayback Machine has saved me many times from the perils of a dead webpage or lost domain.
The Live Music Archive has kept me inspired many times and the new Internet Archive Scholar has already helped me find resources for my studies.

Thanks for being the Internet’s Library for 25 years!

a collection of really interesting looking linux audio plugins (lv2) and software aimed at real time processing and live performance.

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Since merveilles (and mastodon in general) seems to be full of super interesting (but still somewhat techy) people I was wondering what kind of education people have with regards to programming/technology.

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A bit of progress on building my website in assembly.

Like almost everything I do, it has no practical application, no competitive advantage, it's slower and harder. It's not an attempt to prove anything, it's just kindda fun. I'm doing this for fun.

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This morning, I worked on some abstract pieces. I need to get out of my head, need to focus on shapes and textures more. How it helps!
Let me know your thoughts if you like.
#abstractart #painting #traditionalArt

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When websites say "use our app, it's much better", they mean better for them, not you.

I can't remember who shared this link but it was really a fascinating watch and an interesting look into a different way of thinking about embedded programming and power usage.

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my son, with this box of cables, adapters and dongles i've accumulated over my lifetime you will be able to connect anything to anything. use it wisely.

HTML definitions of the "rel" attribute for the XFN - XHTML Friends Network are so pure and show the web more as an extension of reality and less of a replacement for it.

Imagine a world where everyones personal websites was the social media.

M8 Teensy based hardware

The developer has a github with a lot of repositories. (mostly docs and precompiled binaries)

Ther is a way to run the firmware headless using your computers keyboard, monitor and audio if you don't have all the hardware

Is there a reason support quoting a toot with a bit of a comment?

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