Is there a GitHub but for Recipes. It would be a cool way for people to share recipes, "Fork" them, and make them their own.

@Ventronik There is an attempt to standardize a markdown based format that makes forking of cookbooks easy. Also there is lots of tooling to render markdown to websites (HTML) or any other format.


@phil I once again will mention that browsers should start rendering markdown natively. it would make publishing so much simpler for the less technically inclined.

@kevin @phil

It should be doable via either browser extension or a server-side renderer that does the conversion on the fly.

@kevin @phil A long time ago, the standard exchange format for recipes was the one defined by Episoft Meal-Master (and quite a few recipe services were initially jumpstarted from the various Meal-Master collections available on the 'net).

It's a text format with minimal markup and some arbitrary restrictions (Meal-Master was a MSDOS program) - I found a description that someone wrote down here:

MM recipes were shared over BBSes and Usenet, and rewritten as needed.

@phil (Ah dang, it seems I replied to the wrong toot and @Ventronik wasn't even tagged - see one post up in the thread.)

Thank you for sharing! I finally had some time to look at this.

@Ventronik I don't know if anyone does the kind of version management you initially mentioned, though the format should make it reasonably easy, despite its shortcomings. It still seems to be used as exchange format between recipe management applications (actually I noticed the next blog post after the one I linked to announces a rewrite of a program that manages large collections of MM recipes, and also points to a couple of them). There is some software ecosystem around the topic out there.

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