I decided that I will be polishing up and releasing a track from my backlog every day this month (November 2021).

I don't really have a hard time coming up with new idea but I do have a problem with finishing things so this month is my challenge to help myself grow and be able to let go of imperfection and make quicker musical decisions.

I won't post a new post every single day, so instead i will reply to this thread.

Day 1:

This track is a lot more acoustic than what I usually tend to make but I think that It came out quite nice.

not sure whether the hashtag should be or
it seems has the most. I don't know if mastodon hashtags are case sensitive.

Days 5 - 8:

more like NOvembeat.

fell off the rhythm a bit and external responsibilities have kept me pretty busy, but I plan to be back in the saddle from the 9th and then maybe take it every two days.

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