Dear Mastodonians! I have the problem that I have been recently forced to use Whatsapp. I bought a burner phone and got a prepaid SIM for it. This is a crappy solution and I am looking for an alternative. Something that forwards ingoing Whatsapp messages to Threema/Signal/etc. Maybe even to two different phones (wife's and mine). I don't need to be able to answer/send messages, only need to read them. And no, it is not possible to convince others not to use Whatsapp and yes, I need the messages.

I think I have found a solution: A matrix server is now running on a dedicated VPS with several bridges: IRC, Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp. Looks very promising!

@DL6MHC i didn't know there was a whatsapp to matrix bridge. does it still require a phone to be connected to the official app like the current desktop apps do?

@kevin yes, it does require a WhatsApp installation on a phone somewhere. It sucks but at least I don’t have their app on my actual phone, just on an idling burner phone.


@DL6MHC oh OK that makes sense. My country doesn't have burners (cell numbers must be registered with an ID before they work) but I suppose if its sitting in one location it will have access to a very limited set of user data.

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