Some inspirations I really like the look of the super wide aspect ratio tiny screens and the 40% keyboard attached.
If I ever build a cyber deck I would make sure it has an a rotary encoder and a MIDI port

@kevin do you have an ID on that third one with the cyrillic text? i love the big rubber safety grip

@dantescanline I mostly picked these out of the saved images in my gallery, but from a reverse image search (on tineye) it looks like it originated from an adafruit project.

@kevin yeeeessss! I’ve been thinking a lot about this as well. My MacBook Air (2011) which runs Linux Mint is on its last legs and the screen is starting to glitch. Been eyeing those Framework laptops, but they are so pricey. The DevTerm decks are interesting but I’m afraid to snatch one up because the keyboard doesn’t look comfortable for long form writing. 😑 I want something I can easily repair or rebuild from scratch. I think I’m just going to have to build my next computer myself.

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